1/24/2023, 12:00pm

Your World Today Commentary: Springing Into the New Semester

Welcome to both a new year and a new semester at Shippensburg University. No matter how the last ones ended, I am sure you can find something great this time around. The new semester and new year bring new challenges, but also new happinesses. Whether or not you believe in a clean slate (pun intended), both certainly can be. It may be more difficult, but that does not mean it will be any less wonderful. 

11/29/2022, 8:27am

Religious Picket Group Visits Campus

A religious picketing group made an appearance on Thursday, Nov. 17, outside Reisner Dining Hall and sported signs encouraging students to support their cause. 

11/15/2022, 12:00pm

Your World Today Commentary: Flying Solo

I have been waiting to study abroad since I was in middle school, and next semester I am finally going. While my destination of choice has changed a lot in the past eight years, I have been saving my pennies and can finally say I will be leaving the United States for the first time. This coming February, I will be traveling to Asan, South Korea, as a part of the Soonchunhyang University exchange program.  

11/15/2022, 12:00pm

Tuesday’s lunar eclipse was the last until 2025

Many across the globe were given a celestial treat during the early morning of Tuesday, Nov. 8. This is the last total lunar eclipse until 2025 and has been dubbed the “Beaver Blood Moon.” It began its penumbral phase around 3 a.m. It was visible across the entire country. 

11/8/2022, 12:00pm

Your World Today Commentary: My Final Performance, 8 Years in the Making

This past weekend I completed my eighth and final year of marching band. We performed in the Hershey Park Stadium on a lovely, unusually warm, November afternoon. This final performance was a long time coming and leading up to it, my fellow band members would come up to me and ask, “aren’t you sad?” This has been happening all season, where suddenly we would remember that this was our final chance to perform in a marching band, and we would all think about how sad it would be for it to be over, but I’m not sad. 

11/8/2022, 12:00pm

Discrepancies in the University-101 curriculum

“If University 101 is a student’s hardest course, we are not doing our job.” Alex Karlheim, Director of First Year Experience (FYE) at Shippensburg University, sees those words as a professional mantra. Karlheim helped develop University 101 (UNIV 101) and supervises the dozens of Peer Anchors that work to help incoming first-year students transition to the college atmosphere.

10/25/2022, 12:00pm

Your World Today Commentary: The Little Things Are Sometimes Most Important

Recently, between my classes, internship, position at the Slate and role in the “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” I have found it very difficult to take time for myself. I found that a lot of friends of mine are in similar positions with all of their commitments. It can be a challenge to know how to take the time you need and how to recharge after an especially rough day.