4/30/2024, 12:00pm

‘That is Resistance’: Lecturer on Palestinian endurance

“Like the cactus, they can demolish the stones, but the roots stay and will come back up.”  This was one of many thought-provoking statements said by James Zogby, chair of the DNC Ethnic Council, in Stewart Hall on Monday, April 22. Zogby’s speech, which was part of the International Studies department’s annual lecture program, focused on the Palestinian culture of resistance both before and after the Oct. 7 attack that sparked the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza.

4/30/2024, 12:00pm

Your World Tomorrow Commentary: A full-circle life moment

I do not usually believe in things being “meant to be.” I do not believe in love at first sight. I do not buy into astrology and what I should allegedly be like as a Cancer. I do not believe there is a God. I know, however, that Elizabeth Peters and I were meant to meet.

4/30/2024, 12:00pm

Your World Today Commentary: The end comes anyways

I sobbed so hard I almost threw up when I lost my pencil case last semester. My small, yellow, Choonshik the Kakao friend pencil case disappeared at the end of last November, and I tore apart campus trying to find it.  Inside was a lead pencil, small pen, eraser and sticky notes, but the reason a part of me died in The Slate office when I realized it was lost forever was not because of the contents. I was inconsolable because the case itself had been a gift from Siwon, my Korean roommate from Soonchunhyang University in South Korea. 

4/30/2024, 12:00pm

Gaza and abortion on the ballot in PA Primary

The presidential race came closer to home this week as the Pennsylvania 2024 primary election kicked off on Tuesday, April 23. The campaigns running in Pennsylvania included both the Democratic and Republican primaries, as well as the primaries for attorney general, auditor general and treasurer. There were also several primaries for Congressional positions.

4/30/2024, 12:00pm

Darrell Newton named Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Darrell Newton was selected as the university’s next Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), starting July 1, 2024.  A search committee narrowed the list from 80 candidates to 12 semi-finalists. Newton was then selected among three finalists, with the announcement coming from Shippensburg University President Charles Patterson on April 26, 10 days after finalist interviews ended.

4/30/2024, 12:00pm

Progress updates shared at University Forum

University Forum held its second-to-last meeting at the Ezra Lehman Library on April 23, in which the University Curriculum Committee (UCC), Student Affairs and other groups exchanged progress updates. 

4/17/2024, 1:30pm

SGA approves activity fee increase at public meeting

Shippensburg University’s Student Government Association announced the approval of an increase to the student activity fee at its April 11 public meeting. The news broke the day before student group budgets for the 2024-25 academic year were announced, so groups will have an opportunity to request additional funds, according to SGA VP of Finance Katie Huston.

4/16/2024, 1:30pm

SGA Corner: Closing remarks

As my term in student government ends, I want to express my gratitude for the privilege of serving you. Together, we have achieved much, and I am proud of what we’ve accomplished.  This year’s experience of being President of the SGA has allowed me to make greater connections on campus and understand how students really do play a role to make a change. 

4/16/2024, 1:30pm

Your World Today Commentary: April showers and maybe flowers

Now why on Earth did I check the status on my Fulbright application a minute before class started?  For those unindoctrinated, I applied for the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship program in South Korea last fall, and the process almost broke me. I wrote and rewrote every aspect of my application, trying to tailor each of my words to highlight the reasons why I should be selected to go teach abroad and return to South Korea, where I studied abroad last spring.  Spoiler alert: I did not get the award.

4/16/2024, 1:30pm

SGA releases 2024-25 budgets for student groups

Shippensburg University’s Student Government Association revealed its operating budget for the 2024-25 fiscal year Friday morning. Student groups received a 32.72% cut, student organizations were cut by 22.14% and student media was cut by 13.85%. Smaller cuts were made to athletics and club sports — 8.45% and 5.61%, respectively. Notably, performing arts received a 15.33% increase of $15,280. 

4/16/2024, 1:30pm

Sharifi and Arnold appointed to governing bodies

Two rising juniors have been appointed to offices as representatives of the student body, according to Shippensburg University news releases.  Ali Sina Sharifi has been appointed to serve on the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s Board of Governors (BOG). Colin D. Arnold, a sophomore history major, has been selected to serve on the Shippensburg University Council of Trustees. 

4/16/2024, 1:30pm

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