Do you wish to help support independent, local journalism? Businesses near and far may advertise with The Slate online or in our print edition. Please click on the PDF to the right for our media kit with full information about advertising options, rates and other important information. We do provide discounts, premium locations and color advertising in the print edition. 

How does it work?

Businesses print off the media kit found on this page, specify what ad type they want on the date they would like it to run, and mail the advertising contract to us. Then, you send us a digital copy (in TIFF or PDF!) of the advertisement you would like to run. If we agree to the terms, we will run the ad on the specified date. 

After we run the ad, we will send you five copies of our newspaper with the page the ad ran on for verification. At this point, you will send in the payment. 

We also offer advertising on our newsstands located around campus.

Contact Information:

The Slate Office: 717-477-1778

Advertising Director:

Advertising Information:

  • Circulation 1,100
  • Campus-wide and in the ship community
  • Readership over 6,000
  • 94% of all SU Students live in Pennsylvania
  • All ads are Run of Press


  • 5% off any ads running for 3 or more issues
  • 10% off any ads running for 10 or more issues
  • 5% any advertisements running online and in print once
  • 10% any advertisements running both online and in print for 3 or more weeks
  • 15% any advertisements running both online and in print for 10 or more weeks
  • Premium positions are an additional 20% of the base price of the advertisement
  • All ads must be submitted in a .tif or .pdf format. No other forms will be accepted
  • All colored ads must be in CMYK color scheme
  • All B&W ads must be in 100%K. All other process colors must be 0%.
  • The Slate cannot guarantee the quality of your ad if these specifications are not met.
  • Color is the most cost-effective way to increase the impact of a newspaper ad.
  • Full-color ads beat black-and-white ads for in-depth readership by 62%
  • We must receive your advertisement and all paperwork by the Wednesday prior to the print date.
  • If you cannot make an advertisement, our staff can create one free of charge.