Work for Us

Thank you for your interest in working for The Slate! The Slate is the independent campus newspaper at Shippensburg University. It strives to provide objective information and entertainment to the campus and town communities in a time where it is difficult to find accurate information. Although The Slate is a Student Government Association-recognized organization, The Slate is an independent semi-professional and functions much like a real job. Its standards, requirements and expectations model those of the real-world, and its presence on your resume demands the same respect as a real-world professional organization. 


Applying for The Slate: 

Any member of the undergraduate and graduate student body at Shippensburg University may join The Slate, regardless of age, major/minor and experience. The key characteristics of successful members of The Slate are self-sufficiency, dedication and professionalism. Anyone can learn how to be successful at The Slate with these qualities. Although The Slate is staffed by students, it produces real and quality work that can be used to further individual careers in the professional sphere. 

Those seeking to guest contribute stories, columns and photos to The Slate need not apply; they may simply get in touch with an editor and contribute as they like. Those seeking to join The Slate must submit an application, available at or outside The Slate’s office on the glass window. Applications may be submitted in-person or to The Slate’s management email, Within two weeks, management will return applicants’ email and schedule a time to interview said applicant if necessary. 

Those seeking a staff position (Staff writer, columnist, photographer) do not need to be interviewed and may be hired based on work samples via email. However, applicants pursuing an editorial position (editor, assistant editor) must submit to an interview by management.


The responsibilities for each position varies based on the position. There are three tiers to leadership in The Slate: Membership, leadership and management. Staff writers, columnists and photographers, as well as section assistants, are a part of The Slate’s membership. Section heads and editors are leaders in the organization, and the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor are a part of management. The Business Manager acts as a treasurer for the organization, and the Public Relations Director acts as a secretary, per SGA’s requirements. All members of The Slate are subject to the organization’s constitution, which holds an exhaustive list of responsibilities for each position.


  • Attend Sunday general meetings at 3:30 p.m. in The Slate’s office
  • Connect and communicate with their direct supervisor (See image below).

Editorial staff (leadership):

  • Oversee the section they lead. If a duty is left incomplete by other members of the section, the section head is responsible for completing it. 
  • Network and communicate with staff writers and guest contributors.
  • Ensure that if they cannot perform their duties, they find a replacement to do so. 
  • Attend meetings as needed with management. 
  • If on the editorial staff, attend all editors’ meetings Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. and offer input from their section, or send a representative from their section to do so. 
  • See The Slate’s constitution for more information. 


  • See The Slate’s Constitution for more information.