Reagan Gardenhour


Steph Tonneson: Welcome to the real world

Media influencer Stephanie Tonneson came to Shippensburg on Monday to speak with students about difficult topics like success, addiction, mental illness and self-reliance.  

Balance: Free time or me time

 During a difficult transition from teenager to adult, there are several misunderstandings about how to manage responsibilities and mental stabilities. 

Fashionably Slate: Big as the what?

Finding outfits to wear to concerts can be difficult, and it varies between artists. Today, I am lucky enough to attend Drake’s “Big as the What?” tour. 

Life: It’s your first time, too

I apologize to anybody who ever has, is currently or will experience seasonal depression in their lifetime. It is not easy, but I hope that whoever this applies to knows the strength they possess for persevering and continuing to beat depression, anxiety or any other mental challenge they have endured. 

Fashionably Slate: Time Machine

The 1950s, ’60s and ’70s are notorious for fashion. Though it will never come true, I have always wished that I was born during this time period because of the impact its fashion had on society.

Review: Netflix's 'One Day'

Netflix has been releasing original television series consistently over the past few years. Not only is Netflix reliable, but it is also keen to its multiple audiences’ interests. The company creates series that suit several different ideas of entertainment, and one of the most recent examples of this is a show called “One Day” with actors Amika Mod and Leo Woodall. Though it is classified as a romance, it can be enjoyable to everybody. 

Fashionably Slate: The “fitness” aesthetic

Social media has inflated an aesthetic for people who work out and go to the gym. It is inspiring that clothes, accessories and hairstyles can motivate people to be healthy. I appreciate when social media promotes encouraging and positive habits rather than consistently spreading negativity.

Review: Noah Kahan's 'Stick Season (Forever)'

Noah Kahan, one of many individuals nominated for Best New Artist at the 2024 Grammys, is a folk-alternative musician giving inspiration to many. Kahan is known as an artist who puts his fans’ interests first, digs into his soul to provide fulfilling storylines and utilizes a creative outlet throughout his music. 

Super Bowl LVIII: Dressed to Impress

The NFL Super Bowl is one of the most awaited and celebrated events in the American annual calendar. It is a combination of the most popular interests within the country — sports, music, military, fashion, fame, food and production.