Ian Thompson


SGA welcomes new police chief

The Student Government Association (SGA) welcomed SUPD Chief Patrick Taylor at its first public meeting of the semester last Thursday. Taylor took over the reins as chief of the university’s police department on Sept. 5.

Share your opinions about Cumberland County

Whether you are here for school, lived here your whole life or have decided to make Shippensburg your home, you undoubtedly have some opinions about our quaint college town and the surrounding area. 

Foreign Policy is part of the job

Last month’s Republican debate was a lot of things — frustrating, embarrassing, and entertaining to name a few. What it certainly was not was a good demonstration that anyone on the stage had a reasonable foreign policy. 

Students learn about campus life at campus activity fair

Student organizations welcomed students at the Campus Activities Fair (formally the SIS Fair) this past Thursday, August 31. Cumberland Drive was lined with representatives of student clubs, performing arts, student media, as well as those from sororities, fraternities, university offices and outside organizations. 

The Republican Party is deeply unserious, but dangerous

While I cannot vote in the Republican primary thanks to my party affiliation, I always find the time to watch the debates. Perhaps it’s my penance for being a political science major. The first of the 2024 debates was held last Wednesday, and I can say without any exaggeration, it was the worst I have seen. 

Town Hall Addresses Shortfall in Mental Health Funding

Cumberland and Perry counties’ crisis of mental health funding was the topic of a series of town halls hosted by Cumberland County in recent weeks. The third and final town hall was hosted Monday, May 1, in Shippensburg.

SGA passes budget despite extensive student concerns

At its final public meeting of the academic year, the Shippensburg University Student Government Association (SGA) passed the 2023-2024 SUSSI budget and held the transition ceremony from the current SGA to next year’s slate of members.

SGA is in desperate need of change

Last year, I chose not to run for reelection to the Student Government Association (SGA) for one simple reason — I could not tolerate it any longer. The vitriol and infighting were too much, and it began to affect my mental health and academic performance. I am not alone — the past year has seen over a dozen resignations from the student senate and committees, many citing similar reasons.