Megan Sawka


The Grass is Always Greener: Our Fascination with the Wealthy

Humans have a natural curiosity for lives outside of their own. The poor are intrigued by the rich, curious about the way that their lives differ from their own. Television in the 2000s featured many shows that glorified the wealthy and famous. Tabloids were splashed with the scandals and drama that occurred in Hollywood. 

Wicked: A reflection on the last 20 years

Every theater kid has an origin story – a moment where they realized their true passion for the arts. For many, this realization came from the musical “Wicked,” which just celebrated its 20th anniversary on Broadway. Ozians from the show’s past came together for the performance at Gershwin Theatre on Oct. 30, exactly 20 years after its initial performance. 

Raiders think fast for cash prize

A great addition to activity-filled homecoming weekend, the ThinkFast trivia event was hosted in the Ceddia Union Building on Nov. 2.