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A closer look at Ship Dining

Students are hungry for answers. And for the time being, Shippensburg University’s Dining Services appears unable to serve any. 

Security threat causes 2 campus-wide emails, confuses students

Shippensburg University officials sent two campus-wide emails in the early hours of Sept. 13, in response to an alleged threat made to campus on social media. At 12:38 a.m., an email from SU News was sent that said in part, “Expect an increased police presence as SUPD works to investigate and provides for the safety and security of campus.”

Dining: Is it worth the wait?

It is 12:13 p.m. All I had eaten was a pack of Belvita before my 9:30 a.m. class, and the pangs of hunger were making themselves known. I had a delicious Bangin’ Berry smoothie from Freshens waiting for me, as I ordered it ahead of time to be ready at 12:10. I only had a 15-minute break between classes, so I was ready to be in and out.

Your World Today: I am not that flexible

“Why do you always look like you’re in a rush?” One of my residents asked me this as I was hustling into Seavers Hall last week. My response is simple — “Because I am.”

Broadway’s “Some Like it Hot” is frustratingly lukewarm

As I make my way into the Shubert Theatre, I am preparing for a knockout musical. As Daphne says in her eleventh-hour number, “You Coulda Knocked Me Over With A Feather.” For me, “Some Like it Hot” struggled to knock me over. I doubt a hundred feathers would have been able to.

SU updates campus on COVID-19 protocols

In an email sent to the campus community on Sept. 8, Shippensburg University’s COVID-19 office provided an update on campus safety protocols in light of the recent rise of cases in Pennsylvania.

Your World Today: Who Let Me In Here?

  When I walked into The Slate office for the first time this semester, I sat down at our conference table. No big deal, right? Except for the fact that I had a desk. It is an ordinary desk – other than the chalkboard that says “The Slayte” – that I have seen many times with different people having control of the corner it occupies. It is the desk of The Slate’s Managing Editor: For the first time, that title belongs to me.

Red Sea splashes into fall ‘23 semester

Shippensburg University’s student section, more commonly known as the Red Sea, made a big splash this weekend as it hosted two events to kick off the fall 2023 semester.

Luhrs reveals Fall '23 lineup

The H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center has unveiled over a dozen acts that will be included in its 2023-2024 performance lineup.