Connor Niszczak Managing Editor


Luhrs Center cruises through ‘The Change’

Have you ever experienced brain fog, saggy breasts or hot flashes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Luhrs Center was the place for you Friday night as it welcomed the national tour of “Menopause the Musical 2: Cruising Through ‘The Change.’”

Your World Today: A bittersweet sunset

There are very few old-school titans of broadcast television who are still with us. The Alex Trebeks. The Walter Cronkites. The Edward R. Murrows.  This week, we lost one of those titans. Charles Osgood, the host of CBS Sunday Morning from 1994 to 2016 and a legendary figure at CBS News, died on Jan. 23. For me, he was so much more than just a TV host.

‘The Golden Bachelor’ ends in heartbreak

SPOILER ALERT: I give you permission to ignore this article if you have not watched the finale of “The Golden Bachelor.” But it aired five days ago; go watch! Gerry Turner is good television. It is as simple as that. The man dubbed “The Golden Bachelor” has charmed 21 eligible women and millions of viewers, including me, over the past nine weeks.