11/2/2020, 6:28pm

Political commentary: Rich Sterner Democratic Candidate Pennsylvania State Senate District 33

Are you satisfied with the Pennsylvania State Senate? If your answer is, “No!” the only way to change what happens in the Pennsylvania Senate is to change the senators who make up the Pennsylvania Senate. And while we’re at it, let’s change the party that controls the Pennsylvania Senate, too. Vote for me, Rich Sterner, Democratic Candidate for Pennsylvania Senate District 33.

10/27/2020, 12:00pm

Give it a thought commentary: Do you have a minute?

A few weeks ago, I was walking across the academic quad in front of the library when I came across a middle-aged man and his two daughters handing out little pamphlets. Now my initial reactions were both of intrigue and a desire to keep on walking past as quickly as possible. 

10/27/2020, 12:00pm

Commentary: Systemic racism and erasing history

There exists in conservative political discourse a trend toward minimizing the effect of racism in our country. One does not have to look far to see commentators decrying the New York Times’ 1619 Project as a sort of treasonous, un-American attempt to slander the great and mighty divine providence that is the United States of America.

9/29/2020, 12:00pm

Commentary: ‘Chaela chats’

Let me just say this first — before the COVID-19 coronavirus I was probably the most chaotic person ever. From planning extravagant trips to having an overly detailed step-by-step plan on how I was going to be successful — I handled my stress in unhealthy ways. Of course, I always knew that life was going to punch me in the face sooner or later, but being naive, I figured I would handle it with ease because I am just that amazing *flips hair.*