Alexander Haag


Modding Is Not Equivalent to Cheating

   About a month ago, every Capcom game on Steam would have overwhelming positive reviews. Since then, those reviews have shifted quite negatively. The reason: Capcom is punishing their consumers by updating their old catalog of games with digital rights management (DRM)

The Game Awards announces 2023 nominees

Since 2014, The Game Awards has been an annual ceremony for the videogame industry and its fans to celebrate the games that were released that year. Since the year is ending, that means The Game Awards is soon to be here, and to prepare gamers for it, the nominees were announced Nov. 13. Here are my thoughts on the Game of The Year (GOTY) nominees.

Clout has affected content creation for the worse

When I was younger, the internet was such an amazing concept to me, even though the only thing I knew to do on it was play flash games. Around 6th grade, was when I was “introduced” to YouTube and started browsing and following creators that fit my interests.