Matthew Scalia


College Needs a Rebrand

Higher education has a branding problem that is affecting its bottom line. After decades of compulsory enrollment, universities are finding that they are losing customers to trade schools and the workforce. This is causing cracks to form that, if left untended, have the potential to shutter colleges and universities across the country.

Two TikToks to Midnight

 TikTok moved closer to its doomsday recently after the U.S House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill to force its sale or ban it. President Joe Biden said he will sign the bill if it hits his desk. Do not count on it happening.

The road to Super Tuesday

When given the choice between Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president, most Americans pick neither. Someone should tell the primary voters, though, as results from South Carolina and Michigan show both candidates sprinting toward the finish line of securing their party’s nomination.

Scrambling for Eggs: IVF and the Alabama Courts

 Two things can be true at once regarding the recent inauspicious news that the University of Alabama at Birmingham has paused its in vitro fertilization services. The court case that spurred the decision was correctly decided for the wrong reasons, and Alabama lawmakers deserve the negative press they are getting for it.

Biden should bail out

President Joe Biden may have fallen down a slippery slope that leads to a second term for Donald Trump. Special counsel Robert Hur’s decision not to file criminal charges against the 81-year-old Biden due to him being “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” has brought with it a focus on the president’s record that should leave Democrats seeking an escape hatch.