Madi Shively


Giving up in the best way: My journey to reject outrageous beauty standards

It’s a rainy Friday morning. I’m in my dorm, scrolling through TikTok as any college student does (I’ve finished my homework – don’t worry mom.) I’m filtering through all the targeted ads filled with perfect people with trim waists and porcelain skin. I know these ads know something about me: I’m a teenage girl in college.

ShipYak: Helping or Hurting Campus?

For those who are fortunate enough not to know, Yik Yak, an app predominantly used by college students, is a social media app where users can post, or “yak,” to an anonymous message board that is visible to anyone within a 5-mile radius. Those who view the Yak then have the choice to upvote or downvote the post, deciding whether to make it more or less popular. Yaks that receive five or more downvotes are removed from the feed. 

SUTV takes home another Emmy

Shippensburg University’s student media kicked off October in a victorious fashion — specifically Shippensburg’s very own TV station, SUTV News. Members of the student-produced news station traveled to Philadelphia to attend the 40th Annual Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards ceremony. 

MSA reveals quilt for Diversity Week 2022

Students and faculty flocked to the lawn of Gilbert Hall on Friday to witness the unveiling of the Quilt to Cover Us All, an annual project organized by the office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA).