Madi Shively Asst. Ship Life Editor


Slowly But Shively: Post-Cry Clarity

Afterward, I had decided I had sufficiently healed and would do everything in my power to put it behind me. Still, months later, beneath the covers of my dorm bed, I could feel it begin to weigh on my chest as it conquered my thoughts.

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

Last month, my friends and I traveled to New York City to see the sights and sounds of the city. I could not help but notice the undeniable reliance upon capturing each and every moment. In Central Park, we witnessed a couple take a self-timer photo, and immediately after it was taken, the woman’s smile dropped as she dashed towards her iPhone to analyze the photos, while her partner stood back, remaining in his position, awaiting her approval. A group of women rejoice on the sidewalk as they unanimously decide their third recording of a TikTok dance is post-worthy.

SU alum Maria James-Thiaw shares spoken word poetry

On Feb. 22, students and faculty gathered in the CUB MPR to listen to the spoken word of Maria James-Thiaw, a 1996 Shippensburg University alumna. James-Thiaw is the founder of the Reclaim Artist Collective, which promotes art to marginalized groups. 

Slowly But Shively: Can’t Win ‘Em All

I take a deep breath and take responsibility for the loss, knowing there is nothing that can be done except to move forward and work harder in that class. Still, I dolefully dwell on the fact that despite the endless slew of to-do lists and timers and alerts, my best efforts to stay organized simply were not enough.