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The Slate Speaks: Do the Oscars have a diversity problem?

The 95th Academy Awards brought with it some truly historic wins. Brendan Fraser, Ke Huy Quan, Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis took home their very first Oscars. Most movie-goers were thrilled for the latter, except for one. With “Everything Everywhere All At Once” being nominated for 11 awards, many thought that Stephanie Hsu would be the winner for supporting actress, but, alas, it was Curtis, despite her significantly smaller role.

The Slate Speaks: Is the weather cool or concerning?

On Thursday, Shippensburg students took advantage of the sunny skies and warm temperatures by dodging classes, hanging up their hammocks and taking in an early summer feeling. However, a 70-degree day in the middle of February is — and should be — concerning to many.

The Slate Speaks: Does Be Kind Month overshadow Black History?

February is here, and if you were to pick two important events during this 28-day period, chances are you are thinking of Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. However, for Shippensburg there’s another event filling up the days on the calendar — Be Kind Month. Meant to encourage students from across campus to treat each other with kindness, many feel that this fake holiday is greatly distracting from the real ones, in particular Black History Month.

The Slate Speaks: Do it for the resume

If there is one thing that gets hammered into the heads of students nowadays, it would have to be the importance of a good resume. Resumes are one of the first things an employer will see, and it could be the deciding factor if you will be moving forward with that organization. With resumes being so important, people clammer to throw everything onto that one sheet of paper, but sometimes that can be a detriment.

The Slate Speaks: Is AI Art dangerous?

Over the past few months, the evolution of artificial intelligence has been immense. In particular, the access and use of AI has been incredibly fascinating, yet concerning at the same time. On the one hand, people are able to create ideas and images at lightning-fast speeds and it has admittedly even led to some great meme-worthy posts on social media. However, the joke becomes less funny when people begin to realize that this type of technology not only becomes a security risk, but could also be dangerous for artists worldwide. AI Art is incredibly dangerous to the art community. Not only is art being stolen from the artists who create it, but AI Art takes away from what art is. 

The Slate Speaks: Is nepotism a problem?

In December, New York Magazine published an entire edition dedicated to nepotism babies. For those unaware, a nepotism baby is someone who is born of wealthy parents and whom society sees as having an advantage in life.

The Slate Speaks: Is Black Friday a good thing?

It’s safe to assume that of the many holidays, Thanksgiving is the one that gets it the worst. Not only do you have more and more people ignoring its existence in order to get to Christmas faster, but it also has to share the day with one of the worst holidays: Black Friday. There’s no true origin of the Black Friday we know today, but the concept has virtually remained the same since its inception. Retail stores around the country post their best deals and discounts on the night of Thanksgiving all through the following Friday. 

The Slate Speaks: Why can't we be friends?

The interconnectedness of the internet has made mob mentality so much more powerful. It is easy to jump on the hate train when thousands of other people you’ve never met are already doing it. We’re also living in one of the most polarizing times of recent decades, where people draw definitive lines between those like them and those who have different ideas. 

The Slate Speaks: Is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

It’s 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 31. The luckiest trick-or-treaters are sneaking one more piece of candy before bed and others are enjoying their sugar-induced night of sleep. But for some, they anxiously watch their phone until the second it becomes 12:00 a.m. on Nov. 1. It’s Christmas time! Or is it? There is an annual debate over when it is appropriate to begin recognizing the Christmas season, and 2022 is no exception.