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The Slate Speaks: Is Black Friday a good thing?

It’s safe to assume that of the many holidays, Thanksgiving is the one that gets it the worst. Not only do you have more and more people ignoring its existence in order to get to Christmas faster, but it also has to share the day with one of the worst holidays: Black Friday. There’s no true origin of the Black Friday we know today, but the concept has virtually remained the same since its inception. Retail stores around the country post their best deals and discounts on the night of Thanksgiving all through the following Friday. 

The Slate Speaks: Why can't we be friends?

The interconnectedness of the internet has made mob mentality so much more powerful. It is easy to jump on the hate train when thousands of other people you’ve never met are already doing it. We’re also living in one of the most polarizing times of recent decades, where people draw definitive lines between those like them and those who have different ideas. 

The Slate Speaks: Is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

It’s 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 31. The luckiest trick-or-treaters are sneaking one more piece of candy before bed and others are enjoying their sugar-induced night of sleep. But for some, they anxiously watch their phone until the second it becomes 12:00 a.m. on Nov. 1. It’s Christmas time! Or is it? There is an annual debate over when it is appropriate to begin recognizing the Christmas season, and 2022 is no exception.

The Slate Speaks: Has entertainment become lazy?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything changed, including the entertainment industry. Productions were shut down, films and series were delayed, and some content was canceled altogether. As the entertainment world tried to work with the circumstances they were given, audiences and fans were much more forgiving if the quality of the work was not on par with material that came before it. Fans were simply happy to get anything at all

The Slate Speaks: Can Halloween be taken too far?

 Many people celebrate Halloween in their own unique ways, if they even celebrate it at all. Some use the holiday as a time to dress up and indulge in some free candy, while others love this time of year strictly for the aesthetic. However, as Halloween is deeply rooted in the element of being spooky, many consider it the time of year to be scared.  

The Slate Speaks: The value of school traditions

Traditions are a staple of any school, early or higher education. Whether it's something simple like Homecoming, or more complicated like school rivalries, traditions are an unspoken but fundamental part of institutions. In many ways, the traditions remain to be the most consistent elements of many universities and institutions. 

The Slate Speaks: Can you separate the art from the artist?

Admit it. It hurts when an actor, musician, artist or any type of celebrity you looked up to turns out to have a few skeletons in the closet. It seems like a tragic part of fame we’ve come to accept is there’s always the possibility that these individuals we look up to are still human and more than capable of doing unspeakable things. However, as more and more prominent celebrities have their more problematic sides revealed, the question rises about what should be done with their previous works.

The Slate Speaks: Is hook up culture killing romance?

How often have you heard a friend complain that it’s difficult to find a meaningful relationship? All anyone is looking for nowadays is a hookup? Hookup culture has become deeply rooted in the dating landscape and can usually be a point of contention for many people looking to meet someone else. For a real-world example, think of Tinder; how many profiles have you seen with the caption “no hookups?”

The Slate Speaks: Did early education prepare you for college?

Most would agree that part of the reason you attend college today is due to the idea being pushed upon us at such an early age. When meeting with teacher and guidance counselors, they’ll hammer home how important it is to get a college education. While research has shown that a college education isn’t always necessary, we are told time and time again about the importance of college.

The Slate Speaks: The ever changing hours of dining

If you were to go around campus and ask 20 students what they think about Shippensburg’s dining services, you would likely get 20 different answers. It is a topic that many here at Ship seem to be passionate about, whether they are discussing the offerings at Reisner Dining Hall or the length of the Chick-Fil-A line.