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The Slate Speaks: Where are students getting their information

Previously in last week’s Slate Speaks on transparency with the university, the idea of students receiving information from Yik Yak regarding events on campus was brought up. While many students are smart enough to understand that Yik Yak is not a reliable source of information, the flow of information on campus has reached the point where it’s the only way students can get information in a timely manner.

The Slate Speaks: Is the university transparent enough?

With a recent incident occurring on campus at McLean Hall, many students begin to wonder about safety. While this incident seems self-contained, it appears to be part of a much larger issue. Whenever something like this occurs on campus, an email is sent out, students are told that “it’s an active investigation,” and it is lost in history. 

The Slate Speaks: Is divorce really that bad?

With the fixation on celebrity couples, it’s no surprise this year has been designated as the year of divorce. Some of Hollywood’s biggest couples are cutting ties after years of matrimony. With this news, it is very common for people to immediately think that this will destroy their professional careers. That something terrible must’ve happened, or that one or both parties are at fault in some way. This however, speaks to a larger issue, the stigma around divorce in general.

The Slate Speaks: Age Limit in Government

Of all the political turmoil we find ourselves in on a daily basis, the issue of age and our elected officials has become one in the same. With many state officials and those with the most power in our government getting up there in age, the question must be asked, should there be a cap to the age at which officials can serve.

The Slate Speaks: Hollywood Strikes!

As of Tuesday, Aug. 29, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has been on strike for 115 days and it’s been 47 days since the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) joined them on the picket line. This is the first time the WGA and SAG have been on strike together since 1960. 

The Slate Speaks: What can SU do differently?

As the semester draws to a close, it is always important to reflect on the year as a whole. The 2022-2023 academic year was one filled with many ups and downs, but many of these problems could be fixed for the foreseeable future.

The Slate Speaks: How we give back on Earth Day

Every Earth Day we ask ourselves, “What can we do to save the Earth?” Recycle more? Drive more fuel-efficient cars? There are plenty of options for students and others alike to give back to the planet we need to protect. Here is some advice from Slater staff members on going green this Earth Day and how they give back.

The Slate Speaks: Should Shippo be our mascot?

On April 1, Shippensburg University social media posted a video message from President Charles Patterson making a “big” announcement. Patterson claimed that while searching the fourth floor of Old Main, ballots were discovered from the 2005 election that ultimately decided Big Red as the new mascot for the university. 

Being A Woman Is…

As Women’s History Month concludes, I wanted to showcase the experiences that my fellow ladies have endured through womanhood. Here is what “Being a woman” means to us.