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The Slate Speaks: Let's talk about Taylor

Even if you do not find yourself keeping up to date with pop music, chances are you have had Taylor Swift popping up somewhere on your feed. Whether her concerts, award wins, NFL relationship or even the 2024 presidential election, it i’s clear Swift is on everyone’s mind. However, are we too obsessed with Taylor?

The Slate Speaks: The accessibility of events on campus

Campus events play a crucial role in fostering inclusivity. Large-scale events should consider weekend scheduling to enhance accessibility, acknowledging that valuable experiences gained contribute to students’' future careers. The prevailing emphasis on academic responsibilities sometimes undermines the significance of hands-on experiences provided by events.

The Slate Speaks: The harm of performative activism

As social movements truly began to take to the streets in the 2010s, it aligned almost perfectly with the social media boom. Suddenly, millions of people all over the world were able to post their support of any ideology or hot-button issue they wanted. Social media also made it easier for celebrities to communicate to their fan bases as well. However, as these two elements correspond, it gave rise to a new wave of performative activism. 

The Slate Speaks: Childhood media shaping us today

So much of the media we consume in our youth shapes us into the people we are today. Think of that one piece of media. It could be the one show you used to watch every weekend when staying at your grandma’s house. It shapes our dreams, our passions, our fears and even drives us to the careers in which we hope to find ourselves. What we consume as very young children does not tend to stick with us, but we all find media as we grow up that we attach ourselves to.

The Slate Speaks: Do we overspecialize?

Growing up everyone was told to ‘get a hobby’. However, as we grow older, we begin to notice that our hobbies seem to become one or two things. Either we hyperfixate and push those hobbies into becoming our jobs, or we let them go to make room for our “‘real”’ work.

The Slate Speaks: What makes someone a campus celebrity?

Shippensburg may be thousands of miles from the glamor of Tinsel Town, but that does not mean you have to look far for stars. Our university is home to its own breed of celebrities. You know the ones, They are the faces you see everywhere when walking around campus. The ones who seemingly pop up wherever you go. They are “campus celebrities” and students may be wondering, what makes them so iconic?

The Slate Speaks: Are you too old for Halloween?

For those who celebrate, Halloween was always a magical time for kids. Trick or treating, dressing up and embracing the spookier side of things, October is always a highlight whenever it rolls around on the calendar.

The Slate Speaks: Do we feel safe on campus?

In the modern age in which we live, the threats posed to college campuses is greater than ever. Even if you feel that Shippensburg University is safer being a smaller school, recent incidents have shown that students here are at just as much risk as everyone else. So do students really feel safe here?

The Slate Speaks: Should universities use diversity as advertising?

It is always curious seeing students of color plastered all over the marketing of predominantly white institutions (PWIs). On the one hand, it is always wonderful to see marginalized groups put in the spotlight and given a chance to shine. On the other hand, if those same faces only make up a fraction of the university’s population, is this practice a shallow attempt to sell yourself as “diverse”?