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My mom's a loser: The language around cancer

Happy Cancer season! I know cancer season is mid-June to mid-July, but I am not talking about zodiacs. It is that time of year when organizations count laps or hours spent dancing in the name of fighting cancer. I mean, the Pennsylvania State University just raised a record-breaking $16,955,683.63 at its yearly THON which is a 46-hour dance for philanthropy.

We’re still talking about vaginas...

The Slate has existed on the campus of Shippensburg University for nearly 70 years, and it has not always been pretty.  On Feb. 17, 2009, the assistant Arts & Entertainment editor published a scathing review of an SU production of Eve Hensler’s “The Vagina Monologues.” At the time, the monologues were a campus tradition performed each year around Valentine’s Day. Almost exactly 15 years later, members of The Slate staff came across the article while cleaning out cabinets and thought it was appropriate to look at how the words have aged so very poorly.

Pennsylvania governor’s vision for higher education

Higher education is on track to receive a massive overhaul. Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro introduced in January his vision for a new system of higher education that unites Pennsylvania’s community colleges with PASSHE under a new umbrella.  The Slate sat down with Shapiro and Shippensburg University President Charles Patterson in recent weeks to discuss the proposed changes and what they would mean for Shippensburg’s campus community.

Addressing accessibility in response to Slate Speaks

If you were one of the individuals who could not attend this year’s MLK March for Humanity and felt upset with the university’s lack of prioritization, I want you to imagine for a moment if this is how you feel every day. Every day there are events you cannot attend or classes you are late to. Maybe you physically cannot go to things because they are being held in inaccessible areas like many events are. Perhaps you cannot go to things because you have more pressing things to address like doctors’ appointments. I bet the FOMO would be so real for you.

Getting ship done: Students recognized by Governor Shapiro

Over 70 students representing colleges and universities across Pennsylvania visited the Governor’s Residence in Harrisburg on Monday, Jan. 22, for Gov. Josh Shapiro’s inaugural College Day of Action. The event brought together student government presidents, student journalists, advocates and college influencers for a day of networking and learning.  “You were invited because you get s**t done on your campuses,” Gavin Lichtenstein, director of Digital Partnerships in the Office of the Governor and organizer of the event, said, using the bold mantra of Gov. Shapiro. “You get it done in student governments and in groups. You get so much s**t done the governor saw it.” 

Out with the old, in with the blue: state flag redesigns

Minnesota’s State Emblems Redesign Commission finalized a new flag design last month after months of work with over 2,600 design submissions online. This new design trades Minnesota’s state seal on a blue field for a simplistic design that resembles the state itself along with an eight-point North Star and a light blue block to the right.  

Jantz cruises into new career as DCNR Deputy Secretary

A yellow bike sits outside Shearer Hall. Day by day, Claire Jantz commutes to Shippensburg University where she has worked in the Department of Geography and Earth Science since 2005. Her canary cruiser is how students and faculty alike know she is around campus. However, after 19 years at SU, this bicycle may not be around as often as Jantz starts the next chapter of her life as the newest Deputy Secretary for Conservation and Technical Services at the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). 

SUMB performs in Prague

The Shippensburg University Marching band arrived in Prague on Monday, Nov. 20 to represent SU in the Prague Christmas parade.