1/25/2022, 12:00pm

New beginnings through campus community and connection

Spring semesters are always exciting. For some students, it is their last semester at Shippensburg, while others feel a renewed confidence after completing the previous fall semester. This confidence is not unearned as many of us dealt with numerous hardships stemming from the pandemic.

1/25/2022, 12:00pm

The Slate Speaks: Voting legislation raises valuable conversations

On Jan. 19, two bills regarding voting rights were passed in the U.S. House of Representatives, but blocked in the Senate after the Democratic Party failed to change the bills’ filibuster rules. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement and the Freedom to Vote Act both faced an uphill battle, as Republicans had earlier blocked attempts at combining voting rights bills put forth by Democratic senators. Despite the Republican Party’s continued refusal to budge on the issue, Democrats continued to push forward in order to highlight the importance of the topic and force debate.

11/23/2021, 12:00pm

Shippensburg University Democratic Socialist Chapter statement on Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

On Friday, Nov. 19, the court system handed a victory to right-wing vigilantism and continued a tradition of white supremacists being protected by the law. To be clear, Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer who deliberately inserted himself into a dangerous situation where he did not belong, causing the tragic deaths of two people. We live in a time when Amaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and countless others have gone without justice. History will look back at this decision as yet another chapter in the shameful story of racial discrimination in our country. 

11/23/2021, 12:00pm

Long wait times at campus dining frustrate students

At the beginning of the 2021 fall semester at Shippensburg University, the campus opened several new dining options. A few of those places include Freshens in Kriner Hall, The Sub Shop and Chick-fil-a, both of which are in CUB. 

11/16/2021, 12:00pm

I choose you; Pokemon GO unites campus

The Pokémon Go community on campus brings people together, whether anonymously or through existing friendships. When I came to campus, I saw that there were a lot of pokéstops and gyms around, so I began playing even more. Since you can have friends in the game that can help you win rewards, I made a point to have all my in-person friends be my friends in the game. I was able to convince most of my friends quite easily. Even though some of my friends had never played the game before, they still enjoyed it.

11/10/2021, 5:09pm

The ‘Red Zone’ on campus poses a double threat this year

Content Warning: This article contains references to sexual assault. After nearly a year and a half of virtual learning, college students have now returned to the campus, some for the first time. However, this long-awaited return to living the college life, reuniting with friends and interacting with people face-to-face rather than through a computer screen also brings increased safety risks for students.  

11/10/2021, 5:07pm

The Slate Speaks: Climate Responsibility

“The earth is burning.” “It’s the end of the world.” “We’re destroying the planet.” “What’s the point? There won’t be an earth left for our kids anyway.”  You’ve likely heard these statements, the laments of an out-of-control climate crisis.

11/2/2021, 12:00pm

Commentary: Listen to Megan Thee Stallion

In the early morning of Oct. 29, Megan Thee Stallion released “Something for Thee Hotties.” An out-of-the-blue compilation of achieved songs, remixes and skits that did not make it on her most recent album.

10/12/2021, 12:00pm

The Slate Speaks: Facebook’s outages show larger issues with those who rely on its services

Social media, which allows us to keep in touch with distant friends and family, has now grown into an essential media and entertainment tool on a global scale. Which makes Facebook’s outages last Monday a big issue. Facebook‘s other apps Instagram and What’s App were also unavailable for several hours. Outages like this could lead to irreparable damage to small businesses that rely on these apps.

10/5/2021, 12:00pm

The Slate Speaks: Diverse Diets: Diverse Options

Everyone has different dietary needs to fit their own lifestyle. These diets each have their own restrictions and require their own accommodations. Many people’s diets are by choice, others for health or religious purposes. Options served by the university limit these restrictions even more. Students with dietary and allergenic needs end up consuming the same few dishes for every meal. 

9/28/2021, 12:00pm

NDOs are a no-brainer for safety of LGBTQ2IA+ individuals

I’m what you might call a “late bloomer.” I was in my late twenties when I realized my attraction to, well, everyone meant that I wasn’t the straight girl I thought I was. As I began to explore my queer identity, I had to reconcile how my coming out would affect various aspects of my life. One question I found myself asking was, “Can I lose my job for being a queer woman?” As it stands today: yes, I can.