10/22/2019, 12:00pm

Your World Today: Journalists above all value safety, privacy of sources

If there’s one thing journalists take seriously, it is the safety and privacy of their sources. When journalists make a promise to protect a source, they often keep it even if it lands them in prison per a subpoena from a court. But many members of the public do not fully understand what sort of agreements have been used in the past.

10/15/2019, 12:45pm

What’s new with the dining services?

New French fries at Burger717 in the Ceddia Union Building (CUB) Galley Food Court are not the only changes that came to Shippensburg University food options over the summer.

10/8/2019, 12:00pm

SGA restarts VP appointment process

The Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Rules Committee (ERC) has restarted the process of filling its ERC opening, SGA President Aven Bittinger announced on Thursday at the public formal meeting.