Adam Beam Asst. Opinion Editor


Skip Intro: Opening credits and what makes them good

What is it that makes binge-watching so magical? Is it the feeling of excitement of watching a series for the first time and needing to know what happens next? Or is it, perhaps, that feeling of comfort watching ten seasons of a series you’ve seen a million times before? Never before have audiences been given such access to the shows they love.

The inaccessibility of Broadway hurts everyone

When COVID-19 shut down the whole of the world, many fans of musical theatre found themselves living with uncertainty: the uncertainty that Broadway may never return, or even live theater in general. Thankfully, though the intermission was long, Broadway did return. 

Review: “Moon Knight” shines as a promising new hero

“Moon Knight” centers around Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, who’s a down-on-his-luck guy, struggling with his personal, romantic and work life. All of his struggles center around him constantly losing large chunks of time, mainly when he falls asleep.