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S.U.P.E.R. map launches successfully

The Shippensburg University Pennsylvania Election Research (S.U.P.E.R.) Map launch party took place on Wednesday, Oct. 12, in McFeely’s Cafe. A class of Wood Honors College students spent the first eight weeks of the semester compiling credited voter data from each county, entering it all into their database, creating the Geographic Information System (GIS) and reaching out to reporters to introduce the S.U.P.E.R. Map to them. 

Shippensburg University alumni spotlights

Shippensburg University alumni gathered behind Seth Grove Stadium for another year of tailgating befor the homecoming football game on Oct. 15. Alumni and current students gathered near their own cars or organization tents to socialize before the game. The Slate spoke with some of the alumni who attended this year’s SU tailgate to hear the recounts of the generations of SU alumni. 

The man, the myth, the legend: GrittyFan69, Nathan Harding

Reisner Dining Hall at Shippensburg University allows students to choose the music playing as they eat. All they have to do is install the Rockbot app on their phone and request the song. Students can become a higher-level DJ on the app by suggesting more songs that please the masses on the app. While there are many notable student DJs on SU’s campus, such as “JohnMayerEnjoyer” and “mamaslilboy,” there is one that stands out in the list of DJs — GrittyFan69. 

Artemis Launch Delayed

NASA delayed the Sept. 3 launch of Artemis I due to leaking issues with the fuel. The mission was delayed on the day of the launch as engineers noticed a leak when they started to fill the rocket’s fuel tanks. The leak in the fuel tank could emit hydrogen gas, which is a flammable substance and poses a threat to the safety of the mission. The pressure of the fuel lines was also altered while engineers were cooling the lines down to the temperature needed to store the hydrogen.