Piper Kull Editor-in-Chief


Who wears the pants? Gender and fashion in the 60s-80s

Women’s and men’s fashion changed rapidly from the 1960s to the 1980s. Women specifically were leaning more into their professional goals as it became more acceptable for them to find work outside the home, and they were also becoming more sexually liberated.

Your World Today Commentary: Finding Inspiration When Life is a Little Lackluster

As an artist, it can sometimes be difficult to find inspiration to continue making you art, whatever that may be. Sometimes, nothing in your life seems to move you enough to drive you to make your art and your creative well keeps coming up dry. This is a problem many artists run into, and is not something to be afraid of. Writer’s or artist’s block does not mean you are a bad writer or artist, it only means you are human.

SGA Budget and Finance Committee faces 65% turnover

In November 2022, the Student Government Association Budget and Finance Committee lost a majority of members following the departure of SGA Vice President of Finance Chase Slenker on Nov. 11. The Budget and Finance Committee allocates student activity fees to all student activities including intercollegiate athletics, student media, club sports, APB and more.

Your World Today Commentary: Springing Into the New Semester

Welcome to both a new year and a new semester at Shippensburg University. No matter how the last ones ended, I am sure you can find something great this time around. The new semester and new year bring new challenges, but also new happinesses. Whether or not you believe in a clean slate (pun intended), both certainly can be. It may be more difficult, but that does not mean it will be any less wonderful.