3/31/2020, 2:00pm

How to entertain yourself while social distancing

The COVID-19 coronavirus has been on every news platform and social media site for weeks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC) suggested that people practice social distancing and, if necessary, quarantine themselves  entirely. 

3/31/2020, 12:19pm

How to stay active during self-isolation

Self-isolation during the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has created a host of complications for many people. One issue that has arisen is a lack of ability to stay physically active on a daily basis. Now that gyms and fitness centers across the country have shut down, a lot of fitness routines have  halted.

3/25/2020, 9:40pm

Slate Speaks: Commencement ceremonies should be postponed, not cancelled

Graduation is the culmination of a student’s years of hard work inside and outside of the classroom. The ceremony is much more than a student walking across a stage in a cap and gown — it is a celebration. Students receive their diplomas and present their accolades to the friends and family who supported them along the way.