Jonathan Bergmueller


Commentary: Plagiarism of media easier today than ever before

Something I starkly remember as a middle-schooler is my teachers’ drives to see us use Microsoft Office, specifically Powerpoint, as much as possible. It makes sense, in retrospect; our teachers wanted us to immerse ourselves in the easily accessible technology available at our fingertips to prepare us for our futures. 

The Slate welcomes back students, reaffirms duty to inform community

Hello students,  Allow me to add mine to the chorus of voices welcoming you to Shippensburg University for the Fall 2019 semester. My name is Jon Bergmueller, and I am the editor-in-chief of The Slate for the coming school year. We are very excited to deliver your news to you. 

Commentary: Student involvement necessary to create desired campus

As the new editor-in-chief of this paper, it falls upon me to carry on the “Your World Today,” column started by previous editor-in-chief Troy Okum and continued by my predecessor, Jenna Wise, to continue discussing topics of importance to Shippensburg University and its community. 

SU fiscal office appoints new director

Shippensburg University President Laurie Carter announced in an email Thursday that a new executive director for Shippensburg University Student Service Inc. (SUSSI) has been hired.