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Your World Today: News coverage should not be determined by popularity

We live in a generation where everything is available in an instant. From news to Netflix to calculators that solve math problems for us, all that we consume is expected to be here and now, lest we get angry and put our foot through the computer or throw our phones into a lake. 

Your World Today: The media must cover the news to inspire change

Last Thursday, three men from various ministries positioned themselves in front of the Ezra Memorial Library in the academic quad to preach their religious beliefs. They delivered several stump speeches, but also spoke with individual members of the crowd. 

SGA confirms new VP amid internal disagreement

Shippensburg University’s Student Government Association confirmed Seth Edwards to be the new vice president of external affairs despite internal disagreement on the process used.  

Your World Today: Journalists above all value safety, privacy of sources

If there’s one thing journalists take seriously, it is the safety and privacy of their sources. When journalists make a promise to protect a source, they often keep it even if it lands them in prison per a subpoena from a court. But many members of the public do not fully understand what sort of agreements have been used in the past.