Morgan Barr


5 pieces of advice for graduating seniors

With graduation quickly approaching, the thought of joining the adult world can be scary for graduating seniors. Whether they are going straight into a full time job, taking a gap year, completing an internship or unsure of what they want to be doing yet, graduation can come with some stress along with an immense amount of joy. 

SU Alumna crafts creations for local clients

Developing a love for the arts and hard work started early for Madison Gutshall. In high school, she got involved in art classes and began painting in addition to  other clubs, sports teams and part-time jobs. 

Women’s Center aims to educate students on eating disorders

One of the largest affected ages with eating disorders are college-aged people.With the stress of classes and extracurriculars, some students fall into dangerous and unhealthy eating habits. The Shippensburg University Women’s Center not only provides resources for those with eating disorders, but aims to educate others on the warning signs of eating disorders.

9 ways to get through spring semester

Each year the fall semester seems to fly by while the spring semester drags on. It is  the annual feat of trying to stay motivated through the last few months of the school year and not slack off and just go through the motions. 

Ship alumnus marries a stranger from TikTok

When many people think about marriage, they think of marrying the love of their life, someone they’ve known forever — or at least that they feel like they’ve known forever.