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A Mar-Stellar Performance

   With the 2023 softball season well underway, one Raider is making the most of her final season.

Shippensburg resident working to keep local history afloat

The borough of Shippensburg is like many others throughout Pennsylvania and is the oldest community in the Cumberland Valley. A small town that was first settled nearly 300 years ago, Shippensburg has changed drastically over the course of time.

As Cold as Ice Ice Baby

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - It may not feature Foreigner or Vanilla Ice, but sculptures and smiles lined Main Street in downtown Chambersburg for the 21st annual Chambersburg IceFest last weekend. 

SU hosts a night on the ship

As the crowning of the 2022 Shippensburg Homecoming Court came closer, students enjoyed a “Night on the Ship” in a Vegas-style trivia match.

SU Holds 9/11 Memorial

Members of the campus community gathered outside on Monday in remembrance of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. A brief ceremony was held outside of the Ezra Memorial Library. 

Early Access Review: The D-Team is De-lightful

In a time where media focuses on the next triple-A release, such as the next “Grand Theft Auto” or “Halo” installment, small indie games will always have their niche.  “The D-Team” is a 3-D tank platformer from Bottled Games.

Cutest Raider on campus

There are many famous animals spotted around the Shippensburg University campus. We have the famous Ship Squirrels Instagram account, @ship_squirrels, as well as and Oliver, Homecoming Royalty Hayley Anderson’s service dog. However, among all of the celebrities to meet on campus, one named Raider stands out.