2/6/2024, 12:00pm

From screen to stage: 'Back to the Future' musical shines on Broadway

Of all the movies of the 1980s, none have stood the test of time — pun intended — more than “Back to the Future.” Robert Zemeckis' time-travel classic has been a favorite for nearly 40 years. But despite its legendary status, the series has been dormant since the end of the trilogy back in 1990. However, while we are not getting a new movie anytime soon, the DeLorean has crashed its way onto the stage of the Winter Garden Theatre in “Back to the Future: The Musical.”

2/6/2024, 12:00pm

'Argylle' is worse than kitty litter

Whatever happened to Matthew Vaugh? I mean obviously he’s still working, but why can’t he make a good movie anymore? “X-Men: First Class” is the best “X-Men” movie and “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is one of the best action films of the past decade, but ever since then it’s been dud after dud. 

1/30/2024, 12:00pm

What was I made for?

What was I made for? This is a question that has haunted humanity for thousands of years, and was recently brought to global attention through the highly rated and successful 2023 film Barbie by Greta Gerwig. Throughout the emotional and humorous movie, a storyline of natural imperfection was perceived by Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken). 

1/30/2024, 12:00pm

Grace’s Weekly Record: ‘Snow Angel’

Reneé Rapp’s debut album “Snow Angel,” released Aug. 18, 2023, is a deep dive into the up-and-coming pop artist’s emotions and experiences. With shimmery pop songs, R&B influenced tracks and powerful ballads, Rapp lets listeners in on the most vulnerable side of her.

12/5/2023, 4:10pm

Scott Pilgrim takes off in new anime

The series “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” was released on Netflix Nov. 17 and changed the classic story around, with Ramona Flowers and friends taking the lead. 

12/5/2023, 4:09pm

Review: ‘A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’

Katniss Everdeen was my idol when I was about 12 years old. It got to a weird point where I would wear my hair in a single braid off to the side just like she did. Thankfully I grew out of that phase, but the inner child in me came back when I saw “A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.”

12/5/2023, 3:28pm

‘The Golden Bachelor’ ends in heartbreak

SPOILER ALERT: I give you permission to ignore this article if you have not watched the finale of “The Golden Bachelor.” But it aired five days ago; go watch! Gerry Turner is good television. It is as simple as that. The man dubbed “The Golden Bachelor” has charmed 21 eligible women and millions of viewers, including me, over the past nine weeks.

12/5/2023, 3:26pm

Student Artist Spotlight: Sophia Chovanes

Sophia Chovanes is a so-called “super” senior art education major at Shippensburg University. She currently has work displayed in the Brindle and Kauffman galleries in the Huber Art Center on campus. 

11/22/2023, 12:18am

The Game Awards announces 2023 nominees

Since 2014, The Game Awards has been an annual ceremony for the videogame industry and its fans to celebrate the games that were released that year. Since the year is ending, that means The Game Awards is soon to be here, and to prepare gamers for it, the nominees were announced Nov. 13. Here are my thoughts on the Game of The Year (GOTY) nominees.

11/14/2023, 4:05pm

‘Cobra’ sinks its teeth into Megan Thee Stallion’s trauma

A lot of my favorite songs took me a couple listens to fully love, and that is definitely the case with Megan Thee Stallion’s latest single “Cobra.” Like her other song “Anxiety,” her lyrics talk exclusively of her mental health struggles over the years. I had a hard time getting into the lyrics on first listen, but after a couple plays, I think their meaning is beyond the surface level.  

11/14/2023, 3:37pm

Review: ‘The Marvels’

I was not surprised whenever I saw that “The Marvels” had a 62% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) has been a superhero that I have loved for a while now, so I was excited to see another film with her in it. I was skeptical into how the dynamic between Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel or Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) would be.

11/14/2023, 12:00pm

‘Bored Teachers’ delight a captivated audience

The Bored Teachers Comedy tour came to Shippensburg on Thursday, Nov. 9, in the Luhrs Performing Arts Center. With a rotating cast of teacher-comedians, the tour declares itself to be “the #1 teacher entertainment platform in the world.”

11/7/2023, 1:14pm

Brit Floyd celebrates 50th anniversary of 'The Dark Side of the Moon'

Brit Floyd, a Pink Floyd tribute band, came to Luhrs Performing Arts Center on Nov. 5. Brit Floyd celebrated the 50-year anniversary of Pink Floyd’s most iconic album, “The Dark Side of the Moon.” Brit Floyd, led by vocalist, guitarist and musical director Damien Darlington, played some of the UK-based band’s hits from the ‘70s for nearly three hours.

11/7/2023, 1:09pm

Scholastic 144 exhibit showcases local talent

The Scholastic 144 Art Exhibit opened Saturday, Nov. 7 at 1 p.m. in the Kauffman Gallery at Shippensburg University. The exhibition features 35 entries from high school juniors and seniors from select counties in Pennsylvania and Maryland. 

11/7/2023, 1:07pm

Tower of Power is Soul with a capital 'S'

I will be the first to admit that I am a secret-lover of funk music. Something about the 70s soulful sounds just make for the perfect vibe. With that being said, I will be the first to admit that Tower of Power was not a band that ever came across my radar. Even before their performance on Friday, I checked with a resident music lover (my mother) who had never heard of the ensemble group before. So, I went into this performance completely blind.