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Feeling thirsty for a mocktail?

(04/01/15 11:49pm)

Walking into the Ceddia Union Building (CUB) multi-purpose room on Thursday, March 26, the first thing many people saw were several rows of tables, all with different themes ranging from “Finding Nemo” to zombies. The dim lights only added to the buzz in the air as the different group members for each table bustled around, trying to get the blenders working, the ingredients sorted and the final touches on each display as the doors opened to the public.

Students scrape rocks into arrowheads

(04/09/15 8:24pm)

The tap-tap of rocks being pounded away deafened the students who had gathered under the blue and red-striped tent centered in the quad.  “We’re a rock band,” joked Gunnard Lindgren, a stone tool-making expert.  Lindgren said he has been fascinated by Native American culture since he was a child and saw a demonstration of flint knapping — the tool-making process he demonstrated Thursday in the quad.  “It’s not something you can really teach,” Lindgren said.

Runners race for DECA doughnuts

(04/14/15 7:18pm)

When was the last time you touched your head to your butt? How about balancing on a unicycle while wearing a straight-jacket?The Solo Circus pulled out tricks, jokes and student volunteers onto the stage Thursday night in the Ceddia Union Building (CUB).“There’s no way you drove all the way out her to juggle five balls,” performer Michael DuBois said the audience must be thinking as red orbs blurred high above his head.