9/1/2020, 12:00pm

Top 10 things to add to your autumn bucket list

Autumn is coming, bringing cool weather, pumpkins, bonfires and Halloween. It might be hard to get into the fall spirit this year but make the most of it with these top 10 ideas to incorporate into your fall bucket list. 

8/25/2020, 12:00pm

ShipRec strives to support students

This semester is bringing change to Shippensburg University’s campus due to COVID-19, but luckily the ShipRec will be bringing a sense of normalcy to students this fall. 

7/2/2020, 7:14pm

8 tips to ease anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic

With COVID-19 coronavirus cases and political injustice on the rise in America, it is hard to think positive on what the future holds. According to The Guardian, anxiety levels are spiking as the pandemic continues. For some, the pandemic is  stressful, and creates fear and anxiety among many Americans.

5/19/2020, 11:32am

Annual Student Life Awards honors campus community members

A Shippensburg University group that recognizes excellence announced the winners of the 2020 Student Life Awards. Leader@SHIP announced the full list of winners, celebrating the Shippensburg University campus community members as an unconventional spring semester drew to a close.

5/19/2020, 11:28am

Slater of the Month: Noel Miller

“I don’t need to be a ‘big writer,’ I just want to write about ‘big things,’” said Noel Miller, the newly hired editor of The Slate news section. Miller is the Slater of the Month for October because of her passion for journalism and willingness to learn.

5/6/2020, 6:14pm

ShipTalks: What should I do during summer break?

As the semester is coming to an end, students are pushing through the dreaded finals week to start summer break. There are a variety of things you can do this summer to better yourself while also relaxing.