2/21/2017, 3:58pm

‘The Vagina Monologues’ returns to SU

The Memorial Auditorium stage was enveloped in a rose and violet glow as Shippensburg University’s rendition of the “Vagina Monologues” was performed Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings in an effort to raise money to combat rape and sexual assault in Cumberland County.

2/14/2017, 4:21pm

iLuminate brightens up SU

“America’s Got Talent” finalist, iLuminate, showed Shippensburg University there is more than meets the eye Wednesday, as it transformed a pitch-black stage in H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center into the magical iLuminate Town.

2/14/2017, 3:59pm

Slater of the Week: Sylvia McMullen

Communication/journalism student Sylvia McMullen has a public relations emphasis and is currently the assistant public relations director for The Slate. McMullen joined the staff in fall 2015 and has held multiple positions including assistant web director and web director.

2/14/2017, 3:53pm

SU provost becomes president

Neatly stacked papers and folders sit on the edge of a clean and otherwise bare desk. In front of the president’s desk, four chairs point directly inward at a small round table, which held nothing but an organized portfolio.

2/14/2017, 3:47pm

SU professor appears on National Geographic

If you are looking for an expert in American media, simply follow the aroma of scented candles and soft music trailing from Room 417 in Grove Hall. There you will find political science professor Alison Dagnes who appeared on National Geographic’s “Star Talk” last Monday night.

2/7/2017, 3:52pm

Slater of the week: Logan Wein

Sophomore Logan Wein is a Shippensburg University student from South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. A communication/journalism major and an international studies minor, Wein is an active student who balances school work with leadership positions in many campus organizations.

2/7/2017, 3:48pm

Recipe of the Week: Zucchini and Yellow Squash Casserole

With spring break racing to meet us, the struggle to reveal a beach-ready body while fighting chill-induced junk food cravings is evident. After a long day of trekking across the tundra that has become our campus, all anyone really wants is to binge on pizza while Edward Scissor-handing two bags of Doritos. But worry not beach-bound Raiders, because this zucchini and yellow squash casserole is sure to satisfy your appetite without getting in the way of those soon-to-be sculpted abs.