Elizabeth Peters Editor-in-Chief


Suspect in McLean fight appears in court

A suspect in the fight outside of McLean Hall on Sept. 3 waived his preliminary hearing last Wednesday in Cumberland County Court.  The suspect, Veron Tamir Henson, 20, of Shippensburg faces charges of simple assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. A felony count of aggravated assault was withdrawn by authorities, according to court documents. 

Creekside Grille aims for SU engagement

Creekside Grille opened its doors for the first time last Thursday. The building was formerly Hotpoint Inn, but the ownership changed in early September.  Bob and Wanda Whitmer sold the property to the Hotels Shippensburg LLC earlier this year. The last day of business for Hotpoint Inn was Sept. 2 with the ownership officially changing over to Nishant Paul on Sept. 5. 

Slater of the Summer: Allyson Ritchey

The Slater of the Summer is Allyson Ritchey, the multimedia director for The Slate. Ritchey was recognized for her articles and photography contributions over the summer months to The Slate’s website. 

Your World Today: We don’t ask for stories to only report PR

As both the editor-in-chief of a news organization and a student majoring in public relations, I am walking the fine line between two worlds. On one end is hard facts and truth-telling and on the other is looking out for best interests. While these two worlds can intersect, in light of some issues The Slate is dealing with, I think it is vitally important to remind the campus community about the differences between journalism and public relations. 

Your World Today: Do what you love, not what you can

The glory of college is not in finding out what you are good at but what you are truly interested in. I am a self-diagnosed overachiever, and I fully embrace the fact that I have done a lot of things to be praised. For the past three years I had the mindset that I can and will do anything anyone asks of me­. I wish I knew as a freshman that just because I can do something does not mean I have to. 

So, you want to go to South Korea?

After being in South Korea for two months, I have realized just how many things I should have done differently to prepare for my trip.

Academic Culture in South Korea

The structure of Korean life revolves around studying hard and doing well, which in some ways is harmful when it comes to students planning for a future outside of academics. 

Happy and Healthy Living Abroad

 When I was packing for my time abroad in South Korea, I did not give too much of a thought to how my health would be impacted while abroad.