4/2/2024, 12:00pm

Student groups mix at RHA’s Mocktails event

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) hosted its annual Mocktail event in the CUB MPR Wednesday night. This event provides an opportunity for student groups to go head-to-head and use their creativity to make their own mocktail for the chance to win up to $300 from ABC Lettering Company. 

3/26/2024, 11:04pm

Fashionably Slate: Time Machine

The 1950s, ’60s and ’70s are notorious for fashion. Though it will never come true, I have always wished that I was born during this time period because of the impact its fashion had on society.

3/20/2024, 12:38am

Slowly but Shively: My local Barbie Land

During a time when I was lacking a female community in my life, I would yearn to exist in a world like Barbie Land. This was before I returned to my home gym for winter break and discovered Barbie Land was right in front of me in my local exercise dance class. 

3/5/2024, 12:00pm

Home is where the table is

There are many social events and organizational meetings occurring on campus every week, but none of them are quite like the one occurring at the table that sits beneath the stairwell by Dunkin in the Ceddia Union Building. 

3/5/2024, 12:00pm

MSA and RHA host annual “Live at the Apollo”

Harlem made its way into Shippensburg on Thursday night in Stewart Hall during “Live at the Apollo,” an annual event hosted by Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) that celebrates Black history and art. 

3/5/2024, 12:00pm

Slowly But Shively: Drown out the lies

I am very much looking forward to this upcoming spring break. As a busy college student, I look forward to a refreshing break from deadlines, projects and assignments for a few days. 

3/5/2024, 12:00pm

Slater of the Season: Adam Beam

The Slater of the Months of January and February is Adam Beam for his quality articles, illustrative contributions and photography for a variety of sections. Beam is a senior Communication, Journalism and Media major with a minor in History, and he joined The Slate his freshman year. 

2/27/2024, 12:00pm

Black Experience Tribute showcases Ship's Black excellence

As a part of the university’s Black History Month celebration, the Shippensburg University Heritage Dance Company hosted their “Black Experience Tribute” on Feb. 23 in Memorial Auditorium. The showcase consisted of dance, music, poetry and film, highlighting the talent and experience of black students in Shippensburg. 

2/27/2024, 12:00pm

Fashionably Slate: The “fitness” aesthetic

Social media has inflated an aesthetic for people who work out and go to the gym. It is inspiring that clothes, accessories and hairstyles can motivate people to be healthy. I appreciate when social media promotes encouraging and positive habits rather than consistently spreading negativity.

2/27/2024, 12:00pm

Pablo Cartaya: More Than an Author

Pablo Cartaya is a grandson first and published author second. Cartaya shared an abundance of hilarious yet touching life experiences inside Stewart Hall on Thursday that inspired him to write and influenced his books. Pablo Cartaya is an internationally acclaimed author, screenwriter, speaker and educator.

2/27/2024, 12:00pm

Student Spotlight: Pierce Romey’s evolution of self-expression

When Pierce Romey arrived at Shippensburg University in 2020, he was unsure of what career he wanted to pursue. Now as he prepares to graduate, he expresses himself as an editor, an actor and a fashion icon of our campus. As one of the last Theatre minors at Shippensburg, Romey discussed how his theatre and English courses helped to develop his identity during his career. 

2/20/2024, 12:39pm

Love is all around: The Reflector Open Mic

Love is alive in every aspect. Despite Valentine’s Day being over, Shippensburg University students expressed their love in different ways at The Reflector’s Post-Love Open Mic in Stewart Hall on Thursday night. 

2/20/2024, 12:33pm

Slowly But Shively: Grateful for Mean

A recent guilty pleasure of mine has been investing in ABC’s “The Bachelor” series. I’m not proud of enjoying a show that does not pass the Bechdel test, but at the end of a long Monday, it can be fun to set my own worries aside and indulge in some catty drama with a side of hunky tennis player.

2/20/2024, 12:07pm

Super Bowl LVIII: Dressed to Impress

The NFL Super Bowl is one of the most awaited and celebrated events in the American annual calendar. It is a combination of the most popular interests within the country — sports, music, military, fashion, fame, food and production.