10/27/2020, 12:00pm

Commentary: Systemic racism and erasing history

There exists in conservative political discourse a trend toward minimizing the effect of racism in our country. One does not have to look far to see commentators decrying the New York Times’ 1619 Project as a sort of treasonous, un-American attempt to slander the great and mighty divine providence that is the United States of America.

9/29/2020, 12:00pm

Commentary: ‘Chaela chats’

Let me just say this first — before the COVID-19 coronavirus I was probably the most chaotic person ever. From planning extravagant trips to having an overly detailed step-by-step plan on how I was going to be successful — I handled my stress in unhealthy ways. Of course, I always knew that life was going to punch me in the face sooner or later, but being naive, I figured I would handle it with ease because I am just that amazing *flips hair.*

9/29/2020, 12:00pm

Commentary: SU should keep hybrid learning, increases access

When I transferred to Shippensburg University in fall 2019, I already had more than 70 credits under my belt from two prior colleges. I had taken all of my electives and general education courses. After making the sudden decision to switch from psychology to English, the only courses left to fulfill my degree requirements were English courses, scattered with a few foreign language classes. I had no idea how difficult it would be to fulfill my degree requirement until I was a semester in. Who would have thought how difficult it would be to commute from 45 minutes away and still manage to take all of my required courses? 

9/29/2020, 12:00pm

Commentary: Take five minutes more

As a college student, I’m well acquainted with the term “five minutes more;” 20 years of procrastination have shown me that. Usually those five minutes more are spent doing something entertaining rather than being productive. But sometimes it’s good to spend five more minutes on something to give it a bit more thought. Some topics would do to have more than 300 seconds of analysis spent on them.