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The Slate Speaks: Facebook’s outages show larger issues with those who rely on its services

Social media, which allows us to keep in touch with distant friends and family, has now grown into an essential media and entertainment tool on a global scale. Which makes Facebook’s outages last Monday a big issue. Facebook‘s other apps Instagram and What’s App were also unavailable for several hours. Outages like this could lead to irreparable damage to small businesses that rely on these apps.

The Slate Speaks: Diverse Diets: Diverse Options

Everyone has different dietary needs to fit their own lifestyle. These diets each have their own restrictions and require their own accommodations. Many people’s diets are by choice, others for health or religious purposes. Options served by the university limit these restrictions even more. Students with dietary and allergenic needs end up consuming the same few dishes for every meal. 

The Slate Speaks: COVID-19: We each have a part to play to end COVID

It has been a year and a half since the world went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Until late spring, no one had the comfort of being protected from COVID-19 or the assurance that they had a reduced chance of infecting others until the vaccines were rolled out in 2021. 

The Slate Speaks: Biden calls for American unity after divisive election

Americans set records in turnout for the 2020 Presidential Election. The Washington Post is reporting the highest voter turnout in a generation, with 62.3% of the voting-eligible population participating in the election. And officials are expecting the number to continue to grow. This is a step in the right direction — to see our fellow Americans playing an active role in democracy. It is important for citizens to be involved in selecting our national, state and community leaders.