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The Slate Speaks: Stop Blaming the Consumer

With the summer weather coming around mid-March only to be matched with freezing cold days later, the conversation of global warming and climate change is becoming more important than ever. 

The Slate Speaks: Celebrity ‘public relations’-ships

We are surrounded by the media constantly, and every day we are flooded with news regarding celebrities and information about their lives. We are told everything about them, from what they eat to what they wear and even who they date. Their fame allows celebrities to endorse products or partner with brands to gain money and a bigger following. Sometimes it is hard to know what is real about a celebrity and what is just being done for a paycheck. 

The Slate Speaks: The Right to Repair

In this world of same-day deliveries and endless phone upgrades, the idea of repairs seems unnecessary to some. To others, it’s a livelihood or a passion, and technology companies are making it harder and harder for these repairs to happen.

The Slate Speaks: YikYak and Internet Anonymity

YikYak is an anonymous commenting app based on location. When you open the app, you are met with comments that have recently been made within a five-mile radius and are able to ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ the comments as you see fit. YikYak launched in 2013 in order to, according to its developers, connect students on college campuses through conversation without the fear of labels. 

The Slate Speaks:

Two Olympic athletes both tested positive for banned substances before the Olympic games began. One was removed from the competition completely, while the other remained in the competition. What’s the difference? 

The Slate Speaks: Trans Sports

Approximately 150 miles from Shippensburg University at the University of Pennsylvania, 16 swimmers on the women’s team wrote to Penn officials that their team member Lia Thomas, a transgender woman, has “an unfair advantage.” Unfortunately, these types of concerns regarding transgender individuals in sports is not uncommon by any means. 

The Slate Speaks: Bookstore Difficulties

Recently, as in previous semesters, students have voiced concerns about the campus bookstore. These issues include a lack of selection, availability and communication from the bookstore. Students receiving emails stating that their books are ready to be picked up, yet upon arrival, the books are not there. As many courses are dependent on textbook knowledge for quizzes, tests, lectures and other material, this is a setback for professors and students alike. 

The Slate Speaks: Chambersburg politics put LGBTQ community at risk

The state of Pennsylvania does have anti-discrimination laws; however, it does not include sexual and gender orientation in its protections. In fact, Pennsylvania is the only state in the Northeastern United States to not have statewide protection for LGBTQ individuals. 

The Slate Speaks: Voting legislation raises valuable conversations

On Jan. 19, two bills regarding voting rights were passed in the U.S. House of Representatives, but blocked in the Senate after the Democratic Party failed to change the bills’ filibuster rules. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement and the Freedom to Vote Act both faced an uphill battle, as Republicans had earlier blocked attempts at combining voting rights bills put forth by Democratic senators. Despite the Republican Party’s continued refusal to budge on the issue, Democrats continued to push forward in order to highlight the importance of the topic and force debate.