4/4/2017, 3:56pm

Legal system needs reform in regard to how it treats assisted suicide cases

On Jan. 22, Phillip and Rebecca Benight were found unconscious in their car in Manor Township after overdosing on prescription pills. First responders gave the couple Narcan — reviving them both — and they were eventually taken to the hospital. Phillip, 60, lived, but Rebecca, a 72-year-old dementia patient, died on Jan. 30, according to Penn Live.

3/8/2017, 3:38pm

Bathroom Bill

In a list of things you probably do in public bathrooms, it starts with looking for the cleanest stall. Followed by making sure the latch actually locks

2/28/2017, 4:47pm

Opioid addiction is a disease and it should be treated as such

According to the CDC, 91 Americans die every day from opioid overdoses. The DEA reported that Cumberland and Franklin Counties had 62 cases of drug overdose deaths in 2015 — nearly half of which were caused by opioids. This made SU a logical host for Wednesday’s heroin and opioid epidemic forum.

2/14/2017, 3:40pm

Transformation photos bring body image issue to light

If you have social media, you may have noticed the vast array of transformation pictures that have recently taken over Instagram and Facebook. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a transformation picture is basically a before and after picture. People who are trying to lose weight normally take them to track their progress, and many people have taken to posting their own transformation pictures on their social media accounts.