Monika Lewis


SU experiences ‘Traveling While Black’

Shippensburg University has brought the “Traveling While Black” exhibit to campus. The exhibit started April 10 and will run until May 8 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event is hosted in the CUB and is nostalgic of ’60s-era diners. The exhibit is guided by virtual reality headsets along with a guide who talks about the experience and leads a discussion after the experience.

President’s hour held in Harley MPR

On Feb. 20, the campus was invited to President’s Hour in the Harley Hall MPR. An hour was dedicated to all members of campus to ask the questions they want answers to. The questions were directed toward SU President Charles Patterson and members of his administration, including Manuel Ruiz, Dean of Students Lorie Davis and many other staff members who serve the Shippensburg University campus.

"You People" and a conversation about love and culture clashes

In late January, Netflix released an original movie called “You People,” which stars Jonah Hill and Lauren London, who play Ezra and Amira, people from two very different backgrounds who eventually fall in love and are on the road to marriage. Upon traveling on that road, the couple hits a bump, and that bump takes the form of their parents. Like them, their parents are very different. 

White fragility and the discussion of racism

Five weeks to be free in the comfort of where you call home, seeing old friends, and doing whatever you want whenever you want without the shadow of responsibility that is college. Unfortunately, that wasn’t my experience, and my last winter break of my undergrad was left taking two winter classes (the worst). 

So, your parents are what?

As a Political Science major, I am no stranger to talking about politics, especially over the holidays. In fact, as college students, many of us return home and our family assumes that, regardless of major, we are all studying to be scientists of politics, and take that as an open invitation to talk politics whether we want to or not. So, even if you aren’t a Political Science major, you most likely still have these discussions because you’re likely a young college student. All the older generations know that you are a part of the population of people who may or may not be voting (Public Service Announcement: I hope everyone voted this midterm election). 

Self-advocating is the best advocating: Nafisah Conix

As a Black woman, the transition to a primarily white institution will never be easy, especially coming from places that do not lack diversity of people who look like you. Nafisah Conix is no stranger to this transition, and she has found a graceful way to stay true to who she is, advocate for herself and make her presence known here at Shippensburg University.