Ali Sina Sharifi


Afghanistan: Taliban ban women’s entry to national park

 Mohmmad Khaled Hanafi, Taliban’s acting minister of virtue and vice, a ministry in charge of policing public morality and behavior, called on security forces and clerics to forbid women from visiting the Band-e-Amir, one of Afghanistan’s most popular national parks last week. 

Afghanistan’s Women and Facebook: From Taboo to a Beacon of Hope

 Humans’ lives before and after the creation of social media are not comparable because social media, as a modern invention, changed the ways we communicate, incredibly. Societies, politics, social interactions, economies and other aspects of human life changed after social media conquered the world. Specifically, Facebook became a platform for people around the world not only to communicate but also to share their daily thoughts and points of view on almost anything.

Valentine's Day in Iran: Struggle of the roses

Valentine’s Day is known as the symbol of love worldwide. There might not be any opposing ideas in an American classroom to the celebration of Valentine’s Day. It is considered a day when couples celebrate their love and partnership. We may also think that there is nothing wrong with Valentine’s Day and finding a reason to be happy. 

Technology in the world of politics

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 in what Russian leader Vladimir Putin called a “special military operation.” Guesses were that Kyiv would surrender in no more than 72 hours, Ukraine’s young president, Volodymyr Zelensky, would flee the country with his cabinet and Russia would occupy more of Ukraine’s territory. However, on February 25, 2022, Zelensky posted a video on his social media accounts assuring his and his cabinet’s permanence on Ukrainian soil to defend the country against the Russian invasion.