1/23/2024, 12:00pm

Hard deadline issued for student group budget requests

The Student Government Association’s Budget & Finance Committee issued a hard deadline for student groups that are eligible to request an operating budget for the 2024-2025 fiscal year. The budget requests are required to be handed in physically to the SUSSI office no later than the deadline of Jan. 29, at 4 p.m.   

1/21/2024, 2:23pm

SGA holds last meeting of fall 2023 semester

The final Shippensburg Student Government Association meeting of the semester was held Thursday, Dec. 12. The fall 2023 semester was a time of rebuilding for SGA, as it strived to fill its senator positions and return to being a functional body.  SGA President Harun Pacavar addressed the coming end of the semester. “A lot of people have addressed how this semester particularly has been very hard for whatever reason. So please, take the time to find time for yourself. Enjoy the time you have for yourself,” Pacavar said. 

1/21/2024, 2:21pm

Out with the old, in with the blue: state flag redesigns

Minnesota’s State Emblems Redesign Commission finalized a new flag design last month after months of work with over 2,600 design submissions online. This new design trades Minnesota’s state seal on a blue field for a simplistic design that resembles the state itself along with an eight-point North Star and a light blue block to the right.  

12/5/2023, 2:56pm

PAGE Center honors Transgender Day of Remembrance

The PAGE Center recognized Transgender Day of Remembrance by holding a memorial ceremony in McFeely’s Cafe on Monday, Nov. 20. The Trans Affinity Group also painted a mural in CUB Lounge 5 in commemoration of annual observance.

12/5/2023, 2:48pm

Jantz cruises into new career as DCNR Deputy Secretary

A yellow bike sits outside Shearer Hall. Day by day, Claire Jantz commutes to Shippensburg University where she has worked in the Department of Geography and Earth Science since 2005. Her canary cruiser is how students and faculty alike know she is around campus. However, after 19 years at SU, this bicycle may not be around as often as Jantz starts the next chapter of her life as the newest Deputy Secretary for Conservation and Technical Services at the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). 

12/5/2023, 2:45pm

Your World Today: Growing out of girlhood

I am coming to terms with the fact I am no longer a child. This seems like a late revelation to be having as a 21-year-old, but I more so mean I have been defining my lines between being a girl and being a woman.  Girlhood for me is simplicity, trial and error, learning and growth. Girlhood is about self-discovery, finding who you are and telling others about you. My girlhood can be perfectly summarized in one photo — roughly 6-years-old, curly blonde bob cut by my mother, pink dress and blue Crocs, gripping the life out of a massive frog. 

12/5/2023, 2:42pm

SGA previews new faces and big projects

As our fall semester comes to an end, SGA wants to thank the student body for an amazing first half of the year. More than in recent years, we have seen an exciting surge in membership. All of us in SGA want to congratulate our newest addition to the Executive Leadership Committee, Katie Huston.

12/5/2023, 2:38pm

Unique donation drive combats period poverty on campus

The Journal of Global Health has reported that 500 million people worldwide lack access to menstrual products and hygiene facilities, 14% of which being college students. Inspired by period poverty across the country and economic inflation, a group of Shippensburg University students created a menstrual product drive that would run from Oct. 23 to Nov. 23 for their senior seminar course.

12/5/2023, 2:35pm

University Forum November Meeting

The Shippensburg University Forum held its November meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 21.  Forum is a governing body through which recommendations concerning curriculum, academic policies, co-curricular and student life matters are routed to the university president.

12/5/2023, 2:32pm

Where the wild things aren't

Shippensburg University’s Sociology and Anthropology Department hosted an information session on zoo sociology with University of Pennsylvania Sociology Professor David Grazian. The event was held from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Stewart Hall. Grazian is a professor of sociology and communication and the faculty director of the urban studies program. Grazian primarily focuses on culture, mass media, arts, cities and urban sociology, but he has spent four years as a volunteer zookeeper and dedicated 600 hours of fieldwork researching on zoos and animal life in metropolitan areas. 

12/5/2023, 1:45pm

SGA swears in new VP of Finance

Katie Huston was sworn in as the Student Government Association’s next Vice President of Finance at SGA’s Nov. 30 public meeting.  Huston is a junior English major with a mathematics minor who has served as The Slate’s business manager since May 2022. 

11/21/2023, 12:45pm

Council of Trustees hear from enterprising students

Five students presented their work in various business and entrepreneurial organizations before the Shippensburg University Council of Trustees at its second meeting of the semester on Nov. 17. Don Nori, who serves as the director for the Diller Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation, introduced the speakers. 

11/21/2023, 12:35pm

Students and staff remember Holocaust victims with traveling exhibit

Ezra Lehman Memorial Library hosted the official opening of the international traveling exhibition “Names Instead of Numbers” to honor and remember the victims of the Holocaust on Nov. 14.  Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) displays the names and stories of victims who were part of the 202,000 prisoners taken into the Dachau concentration camp between 1933 and 1945. Through these exhibitions, ARSP shares biographies of the victims.

11/19/2023, 2:31pm

Heather McGhee delivers PASSHE DEI Summit opening address

Author and public policy expert Heather McGhee delivered the keynote address at the second annual Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) DEI Summit at Shippensburg University. McGhee has spent decades in the political and public policy worlds, but is most recognized for her viral 2019 TED Talk, “Racism has a cost for everyone,” and her New York Times bestseller “The Sum of Us,” which has been described as “required reading to move the country forward.” 

11/16/2023, 2:09pm

PASSHE diversity leaders recognized as “Keepers of the Flame”

Pennsylvania is home to many talented individuals who are dedicated to supporting students of all backgrounds, including some from Shippensburg. On Tuesday, university and commonwealth leaders involved in efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion were recognized with “Keeper of the Flame” awards in the CUB MPR. 

11/16/2023, 2:08pm

Academics discuss origins of Israel-Palestine conflict

A panel was held Thursday, Nov. 9 on the historical and political factors behind the current Israel-Palestine conflict in Gaza that began last month.  The panel lasted from 6:30 to 8 p.m. and was held in the Dauphin Humanities Center. It was sponsored by the Shippensburg University History/Philosophy and Political Science departments as well as the International Studies Program.