3/17/2023, 11:05am

Crashing Into the Language Barrier

The language barrier is very real. Because I lived a solely English-speaking existence prior to coming to South Korea three weeks ago, I had never realized how much of a challenge it is.

2/28/2023, 12:00pm

Slowly But Shively: Can’t Win ‘Em All

I take a deep breath and take responsibility for the loss, knowing there is nothing that can be done except to move forward and work harder in that class. Still, I dolefully dwell on the fact that despite the endless slew of to-do lists and timers and alerts, my best efforts to stay organized simply were not enough. 

1/31/2023, 12:00pm

Slowly but Shively: To Go Out, or Not to Go Out?

 This week’s question: “My friends and I like to go out often, but sometimes I know I lack the energy to join them, so I opt to stay in. However, when I see them having fun, I get severe FOMO because I don’t want them to start leaving me out. How do I win in this lose-lose situation?” 

11/15/2022, 2:22pm

Self-advocating is the best advocating: Nafisah Conix

As a Black woman, the transition to a primarily white institution will never be easy, especially coming from places that do not lack diversity of people who look like you. Nafisah Conix is no stranger to this transition, and she has found a graceful way to stay true to who she is, advocate for herself and make her presence known here at Shippensburg University.  

11/15/2022, 2:20pm

SU Music Department hosts wind ensemble concert

 The woodwind ensembles of the Shippensburg University music department held their fall semester concert in Old Main Chapel on Nov. 6. Three groups including the flute choir, clarinet ensemble and saxophone ensemble spent the semester coming together and practicing various pieces for this concert.