9/19/2017, 7:25pm

Ship Sound Off

The goal of this series is to give students a platform to express their opinions on one issue per week. 

9/18/2017, 9:18pm

Changes to Title IX will bolster rape culture

It was an absolute shock to victims and students across the U.S. when Education Secretary Betsy DeVos spoke at George Mason University about the changes she hoped to make to parts of Title IX regarding sexual assault. 

9/12/2017, 7:35pm

Disaster aid requires our help

A mere two weeks after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Eastern Texas, another major hurricane — Hurricane Irma — left a path of destruction as it passed through the Caribbean, Florida and the rest of the Eastern Coast of the U.S.  

9/12/2017, 7:32pm

Misconceptions abound regarding DACA

This labor day weekend, I was fortunate to speak with immigrants in the Reading, Pennsylvania, area and share their stories as part of a literary project called Writing Wrongs. 

8/29/2017, 4:30pm

Please keep hate off our campus

A little more than two weeks ago, hordes of people descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia, in preparation for the ‘Unite the Right’ rally that took place on Aug. 12.