A Raider’s View - How to prepare for finals

We are dwindling down to the end of the year and this semester at Shippensburg University, and that only means one thing — finals. Finals for first year students may be a little scary – you may have no idea how it works, what kind of exams you will have or where to go to take your final. 

Although, surprisingly, it is not that hard to navigate if you communicate with your professor and pay attention to the emails you are getting from the Registrar’s Office. 

This also means a time where you are handing in assignment after assignment (because apparently studying copious amounts of material for finals is not enough), that require diligence and time. The biggest thing about these two tasks is time management, making sure you not only have enough time to study, but have enough time to complete these tasks and hand them in on time. 

Personally, I like to color code my tasks in a planner. First, I figure out which things will take the longest compared to the tasks I can finish in one sitting. I look at the due dates for everything and put them in order in regards to how soon they are due. Comparing the length of the tasks to how soon they are due will help give you enough time to work on the task so you are not staying up all night to do so. 

I also like to work on a little bit of everything at a time. To some that may be confusing, but for me it lets my brain take a bit of a break while going back and forth between subjects. It also prevents me from getting extremely bored with only working on one topic for hours on end. This is a time to really practice study skills you were taught in high school or gained over the years, which will come in handy not only for first year students, but for the rest of your college career. 

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