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Shutdowns negatively impact students

President Donald Trump decided to call a state of emergency, amidst avoiding another government shutdown to get what he has been asking for — a wall.

Good samaritan sets high standard for compassion

Throughout the end of last week and over the weekend, temperatures plummeted as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of Minnesota, while temperatures elsewhere dropped well below freezing. 

Commentary: Relieve stress as the semester ends

There is no doubt finals week is most students’ kryptonite. Believe it or not, there are some tips and tricks we seem to forget about when it is crunch time and we are all stressing out. 

Commentary: What Thanksgiving really stands for

Thanksgiving­ — a time to be grateful for your friends and family, as well as a time of privilege for those who forget that their high school history books may have left out a thing or two about the “harmonious” day between the Native Americans (the Wampanoag), the settlers and the events that followed. 

Commentary: Trans are people too

With the uprising of hatred for transgender individuals in the eyes of the government, President Donald Trump has shown his disapproval of the LGBT community by defining gender strictly on the sex characteristics of biological men and women. 

Cultures are not costumes

Halloween is approaching at lightening speed, and for all of you who dress up for Halloween, sometimes there may be a temptation to dress up as Native Americans.