Hot or Not 4/14


Tyler Law, your hot or not columnist.

Hot: Motorist in Texas receive pleasant cash surprise

A Brinks armored truck spilled a bag full of cash all over a highway in Texas this past week. The bag of cash was spilled from a passenger door on the truck and preceded to flutter down the roadway bringing traffic to a near standstill. According to police, citizens scrambled from their vehicles to collect as much of the loose cash as they could. It is unknown how much money the motorists collected but police called it a “substantial” amount of money. “We strongly encourage those individuals to come forward and turn the money back into the Weatherford Police Department,” the department said to Reuters.

Not: students lockdown school by bringing weapons

Three middle school students in Denver, Colorado, shut down their school periodically after other students witnessed them with handguns and what police identified as a “smoke device,” but noted that they were still investigating what the device was. Nobody was injured during the events that took place and classes resumed after the lockdown ended. Students are being commended for saying something to teachers when noticing fellow students with weapons. “We had so many drills I didn’t know if it was a drill or not, but we took it seriously,” said Maxcine Forsythe, 12, to the Associated Press.

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