Tyler Law – Opinion Editor


Hot or Not 4/14

A Brinks armored truck spilled a bag full of cash all over a highway in Texas this past week. The bag of cash was spilled from a passenger door on the truck and preceded to flutter down the roadway bringing traffic to a near standstill.

Rand Paul attacks Clinton campaign

Rand Paul made quite a few inflammatory statements this past week regarding Hillary Clinton’s campaign funding and her upcoming run for president in 2016.

Hot or Not 4/7

Tom Mabe, the creator of “Prank it Forward,” helped move Ricky, a terminally ill homeless man, and his dog, Buddy, into a brand new furnished apartment.

Hot or Not 3/31

Car manufacturing company Tesla will soon unveil a line of new cars capable of driving themselves.

Ted Cruz’s Earth gets warmer

If U.S. senator and now presidential candidate Ted Cruz ever stops being crazy, then I will stop talking about him; but, for now, the crazy rolls on.

Hot or Not 3/24

Indie band Portugal the Man, concert ticket site StubHub and footwear brand Dr. Martens have teamed up to give more than $1 million worth of musical instruments to underfunded schools.

Frats under fire

Bill Maher, comedian and television host of “Real Time,” called for something radical on his show Friday night.

Seattle to increase minimum wage

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray signed a minimum wage increase law while surrounded by signs reading, “Seattle needs a raise. ”The bill that Murray signed in to law guarantees an increase in Seattle’s minimum wage to be implemented in increments over the next several years.

Hot or Not

The Federal Communications Commission voted to classify Internet access as a public utility, baring service providers from influencing the speed or connectivity of any individual’s Internet connection.