Hot Or Not 2/3/2015


Tyler Law, your hot or not columnist.

Hot: John Oliver

Comedian John Oliver tells the truth on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” more often than cable giant Fox News.

According to fact-checking website Politifact, the comedian has yet to tell a lie during his half hour show on HBO, while Fox tells less than half-truths the majority of the time (58 percent of the time to be exact). Even with half the viewers as the cable giant, Oliver is still doing a better job giving the news than Fox. Congratulations to the comedian who is doing a better job at reporting than the people who think they are the end-all say-all of news and journalistic integrity.

Not: Justin Bieber

Do we seriously have no standards for celebrities at all? They make ill-advised apology videos for being complete jerks and we say, “Okay, sorry we gave you a hard time,” and they go back to doing whatever they were doing before.

Justin Bieber is one of these “sorry celebrities.” After making an apology video in which he never actually said he was sorry, Bieber appeared on the Ellen show. Bieber has the entertainment world rallying behind his newfound level-headedness. Despite multiple arrests and singing about joining the Klu Klux Klan, Bieber is sorry, but that is not good enough. We should hold celebrities accountable for their actions and Bieber is not an exception.    


Justin Beiber take mug shot in Miami

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