Raider Runway: Warm Winter Fashions


As much as students dislike making their way through the cold weather and snow during the semester, there is one advantage to these freezing cold temperature — more opportunities to accessorize with warmer gear.

It is still possible to look great while staying warm in the winter by putting together the right outfit to venture outside.

The first thing one has to consider is what coat to wear.

Obviously staying warm is a priority, but one can also choose from many different designs and colors. Parkas, military coats, pea coats and wraps are popular during the season, keeping any college student warm and comfortable as well as looking good.

If style is more imporant than warmth, try a cape coat.

These unique coats can have hoods and belts, but normally do not have arm holes. It is worn like a poncho and looks like a sophisticated cape.

As for the men, they too can stay in style and keep warm and cozy with several different types of coats.

Men can try a duffle coat with bold colors or a flashy military coat to stay warm. There are also some macho-looking parkas to keep men warm as well.

When it comes to popular colors, deep blue, bright orange and pinks, and dark green are in season this year. Also one cannot go wrong with maroon and grays.

Any outfit can be spruced up with a nice scarf to stay warm when trudging through the snow.

Becoming more popular every year with new unique designs, men or women can experiment with this accessory. In these winter months, stick to thick fabrics like cotton, cashmere or wool to stay warm.

Try a nice neutral-colored sweater-knit infinity scarf for the ladies, and a darker cashmere scarf for the men.

The right pair of boots is very important in the winter as well; good traction is necessary as well as being comfortable and waterproof.

However, college students should feel smart and trendy with their shoes in the winter and not like they are trying to walk on the moon.

Women should definitely avoid high heels on their boots and can add a faux fur cuff for style; again, comfort is key.

Last but not least, add some fun gloves and a hat to your wardrobe to stay warm. For the ladies, a nice cropped cloche can add to any classy winter wear.

The iconic cropped cloche of the 1920s has made a comeback this past year and adds style to any outfit. This hat has a simple, helmet like appearance with decorative pieces applied to one side. These pieces varied from a bow to a feather.

A cute beret will also look nice while you stay warm.

Enjoy this time of the year that allows accessories to be a necessity in order to stay warm. Spring will be here in the blink of an eye.

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