Brandi Fitch


Senior student offers advice and thanks

Whether you are a freshman or a senior at Shippensburg University, your time here is limited. Those entering college wish they were already finished and some who are in their last few weeks wish they could start over and enjoy the ride all over again.

Review: 'The Blacklist’

After months of pondering whether or not “The Blacklist” was worth watching, I finally caved in and cannot believe I waited so long to give this show a try.

Greediness of christmas in consumer culture

Can someone please tell me why society has grown to be so greedy? Why in the hell are we rushing Christmas earlier and earlier every year and so concerned with buying presents?

Avengers: A second look

I am sure you are wondering why in the world I am focusing on a movie that came out two years ago and received so much hype and amazing reviews.

Student Spotlight: Robyn Woodley

Everyone find a passion for something at different times in their life. These passions range from singing to running or playing football to painting.

FX turns vampire genre on its head

We are all too familiar with vampires and zombies in movies and on TV these days. Many people grow weary of these topics, believing they are too cliché. This is what some, including myself, were afraid of when TV spots for “The Strain” started appearing at the beginning of the summer.

Family Guy vs. The Simpsons: The cartoon battle continues

I feel as though this question has gone through all of our minds, at some point, growing up: “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy?” Both have grown on us throughout the years, but it is a hard task to sit down and compare the two.

Concert bands tours Los Angeles, Hollywood

The season has come to a close for the Shippensburg University Concert Band. However, this is not a season to be forgotten. Along with its annual spring concert in the H.