Firearm sales are on the rise

Shippensburg and its surrounding areas are seeing a major increase in the sales of firearms and ammunition.

Robert Seebach, owner of Bonnie’s Guns in Chambersburg, has noticed a substantial jump in sales since November — also noting that sales for his business are up three times as much as they were last February.

Seebach said he rarely had customers come in and purchase more than one firearm. Now customers are buying as many as three at a time.

Some owners believe a major factor in the increase of sales is the uncertain future of the availability of different model firearms.

That being said, customers are grabbing what they can, while they can. However, with business sales going up, availability is going down.

Due to the rapid fluctuation of upward sales, manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the supply-and-demand needs of businesses, which is leading to the shortage of merchandise.

While some owners are seeing the positive effect the increase in sales has had on their businesses, the hardship to find the firearms customers are asking for has also been noticed.

Briary Hollow Gun Shop in Shippensburg is also aware of this concern. William Naugle, owner of the shop, said there was a “definite increase” in sales over the past couple months. Yet, the rise in sales continues to have one setback — the availability of firearms.

This is also an issue for Benjamin Brown, owner of Landmark Firearms LLC in Chambersburg.
Brown’s sales have also gone up, especially after the shooting incidents in the U.S., he notices the positive impact the sales have had on his home-based business.

However, like other owners, Brown is plagued with the struggle to find the firearms his customers desire.

With the availability of merchandise now, owners are anxious to see what the future will bring for the availability of certain firearms.

As of now, business is good and sales are on the rise.

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