Pregnant MTV reality star needs a reality check, fast

If the latest reports are true, it appears there may be another “meatball” joining the “Jersey Shore” family tree. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, the diminutive, party-hard 24- year-old star of the hit MTV show is pregnant, as multiple sources such as TMZ, the New York Post, and E! news have confirmed.

“Snooki lied she’s preggers” and “Yes, it’s true. SNOOKI IS PREGNANT!!! mazel tov!!!” were a few of the headlines and tweets by the NY Post and E! new’s reporter Marc Malkin, respectively.

She is said to be about three months along and if indeed it is true, the child will be the first for Polizzi and longtime boyfriend, Jionni LaValle.

She reportedly shot down the rumor earlier last month for multiple reasons, the main one being “jinxing the baby.”

She even addressed it on a taping of “Live! With Kelly” with her close friend and cast member, Jenni “JWoww” Farley. “I definitely want kids, but I’m not pregnant,” Polizzi said, earlier last month.
Sources say the “meatball” denied the onslaught of pregnancy rumors. “Does this mean that I’m getting fat again?” Polizzi also joked on the subject.

The star has been struggling with weight issues prior to her role in the reality show.
Whether the show and added pressure forced her back into her struggling habit, it appears that her weight has consistently gone up and down.

Perhaps the denial was in fact the star’s superstitious way of protecting her unborn baby, but lying about being pregnant seems just as “jinxing” as it is to affirm the rumor within the first trimester.
With her new reality spinoff of “Jersey Shore” featuring her and JWoww, one must wonder how or what kind of halt a pregnancy may put on those plans.

This evidently opens an entirely different can of worms.

The mere thought of Polizzi being pregnant could bring many different reactions, the obvious one being that if she behaves like she does on the reality how, what kind of mother will she be?

On the contrary, if Snooki is denying that her behavior on “The Jersey Shore” is in fact all an act, will that not go against the concept of the show being a “reality television series?”

Without entirely bashing the star and her maturity, or lack there of, being paid to get drunk and collapse in bars is not exactly the proper example to be spreading to mothers-to-be.

She is more often than not portrayed in “Jersey Shore” as a heavy drinker, with episodes featuring her being so intoxicated that she cannot even walk or function.

Let us face the given facts — getting arrested, wearing hardly any clothing and being kicked out of virtually every night club on the Jersey beaches are a staple of her identity.

She is also heavily promiscuous on the show, having sexual relations with several male members of the show’s cast, including Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, with whom she cheated on her boyfriend Jionni Lavalle.
The same Lavalle who is allegedly fathering her unborn child.

It begs the question to be asked, whether or not Polizzi is mature enough or responsible to be able to care for a child, while demonstrating childish acts herself.

A simple Google search prompts multiple forums with comments that show what the common public’s reaction and thinking on the subject are, including — “Best argument I’ve seen yet for no-cost abortions,””Is she qualified to be a mother?,” and “I heard the baby just got its first modeling gig. It will be the new face of fetal alcohol syndrome” are just a few of the comments listed on the search engine.

Part of the growth process and life itself include just that — growing up and maturing.
Who is to say that Polizzi is not taking this as a reality check that, indeed, it is time to grow up.
She may actually use this to her advantage and realize she has another life to take care of in addition to her own.

Perhaps MTV ruined Polizzi’s reputation while molding her into a role that viewers could heavily identify with, or perhaps simply laugh at and mock.

Her immaturity and drunken behavior have definitely sold us.

She has become a role that with the very mention of her name, the image of a drunk, overly tan, short girl dropping to the floor arises.

More than the reality show itself, this girl needs an indefinite reality check – — fast.

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