Katrina Panasiuk


Apple denies e-book price-fixing accusation

iWant…iNeed..an iPad? Not so fast. If Apple loses the e-book lawsuit vs. the Department of Justice for alleged price fixing, Amazon will be left in complete control of the electronic- book publishing industry. For the every day person, this might not be anything more than two leading affiliates of the electronic industry, Apple and Amazon, butting heads in a competition war.

Can buying back guns eliminate city violence?

Harrisburg officials recently implemented a “gun buyback program.” The program will offer those who turn in a person carrying an illegal weapon with a sum of money. The city Mayor Linda Thompson has long been under scrutiny for controversial decisions, specifically regarding financial plans.

Technological advances exceed man

Gas prices and fluctuating unemployment rates are sheer reminders that though we are not in a better economy, we are facing a new one.

Media will not let some of the dead die

Death makes headlines. Naturally, it becomes a newsworthy topic when a top celebrity dies because it is simply “interesting.” It is interesting how and why he or she did.