Students give campaign speeches for SGA senator election

Senator candidates for Shippensburg University’s Student Government Association delivered speeches in McFeely’s Café on Thursday evening.

Members from the classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021 came for the chance to speak to current senators and president Madison Scarr. They also answered questions from attendees and class of 2019 senator Logan Wein. Among the more discussed issues were campus diversity, student voices and Greek life organizations. The candidates spoke passionately about issues they felt could be improved by joining student government.

Many who spoke are already members of other groups and organizations and brought backgrounds of involvement from campus life. Groups included greek life, the rec committee, sports teams and class council.

“I will make decisions that will best help Shippensburg University and the students here,” Isaac Dietrich said. Dietrich is running for residence hall association representative.

Amanda Morelli, a current senator who is running to be the representative of the college of business, said she would stress improving the relationship that currently exists between greek life and student government and work with representatives of other colleges. 

Multiple students addressed the retention rate of male minority students who have the lowest retention rate among all students.

Junior Ben Greenberg, representing the College of Education, announced he plans to create an advisory council consisting of students representing other colleges. 

“I want to know what students want,” Greenburg said.

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