A Raider’s View - Bunnies on Easter? A cute gift and a big responsibility

On Sunday some of us celebrate a holiday full of commercialized cartoon bunnies, chickens and buy and sell chickens and bunnies. Despite their popularity, some do not realize the work that goes into raising a bunny. Parents buy their children baby bunnies under the impression they only live a few years, but in reality — rabbits live up to 12 years. They are expensive and their vet bills are even more pricey. 

Rabbits also take a lot of maintenance. Their habitat, if small, must be cleaned twice per week due to their frequent bowel movements and the fact that they are very messy eaters. Once families realize they are not the type of pets that die after a few years with not nearly the same commitment, bunnies end up on the doorstep of shelters or let go into the wild. Once in the wild, they can be put in harm’s way due to their survival instincts dissipating because of their time in captivity. They are also susceptible to disease, and wear a red flag for any predators looking for a meal. 

Chickens are also difficult to take care of due to cost and the need for space. Chickens cannot be kept in cages and sometimes, depending on your location, you may need a legal permit to house chickens on your property. Chickens require a great deal of upkeeping. Their coops get dirty and require cleaning all year. Imagine it is snowing, your chickens still need access to all their basic needs and it would be your job to make sure they have that. 

If you know that neither you nor your family have the time to keep an animal of this level of maintenance, I would do them a favor and wait until you are financially ready and have the time for such a commitment. Easter is a time of family, food and celebrating religiously if you are religious — if you really want a bunny, there are stuffed and chocolate ones at your local store. 

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