Is America Trumped?


Donald Trump is a serious contender to win the presidency of the United States in 2016.

Yes, that statement is correct, and yes, many people are not happy about it. How could this brash, billionaire businessman be a serious frontrunner for the office of president? Does he even have any political experience?

Why does he hate illegal immigrants, calling them “rapists” and “people with problems?”

Why does every word out of his mouth become fodder for a sensationalized media? What will happen to America if Donald Trump becomes president?

Ask The Donald himself, and he would most likely make a smart comment and utilize his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Ask conservative Americans and many would eagerly support Trump, favoring secure borders and a more powerful America. Ask liberal Americans and many would say Trump as the president would set America back centuries.

Trump has always considered the presidency, usually treating it as just another thing a billionaire might do in his spare time. He was never taken seriously in the political realm in previous years. However, in the 2016 race, Trump has emerged as a favorite to win, leading polls nationwide and gaining momentum and support as he rages across the nation.

The timing is perfect for Trump. Many foresaw the 2016 race as a struggle between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, both relatives of former presidents, with Hillary eventually becoming the first female presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Jeb’s campaign never really took off, though, and Hillary is caught up in controversy thanks to a private email fiasco.

Many people realized they might not want another Bush or Clinton in the office.

With the GOP candidacy race up for grabs in a field of more than a dozen people, it was anybody’s race to win or lose, and Trump’s formula to gain support proved to actually work.

Donald Trump is a meme. He has clout from being a reality television star. His last name might be the easiest name ever to use in puns for headlines of stories. His hair and grumpy demeanor are instantly recognizable. He is a gold mine of buzzwords and controversial comments, demanding media attention. Ever heard of Scott Walker? Probably not. Most likely because Walker, a Republican hopeful, does not get nearly as much media attention as Trump and the other candidates. People cannot stop talking about Trump, whether good or bad, and that is exactly what he wants and needs to have a shot at the presidency.

It has been said that all press is good press, meaning that even if people in the media only badmouth you, it still does you some good. This could not be more true for Trump. By making fun of other candidates, tossing out Univision journalists from press conferences and feuding with everyone from Megyn Kelly to Rosie O’Donnell, Trump has wrapped the media around his finger. America waits in anticipation for the next controversial thing he will say or do.

Also, Trump’s views please a rather rabid fan base of extremely right-wing conservatives hell-bent on “Making America Great Again.”

For now, this strategy is working for Trump. I think he knows exactly what he is doing by angering people and being controversial, because he knows it works for him. The problem arises when I realized the man might actually be racist, misogynist and absolutely crazy. He might actually mean what he is saying, which could spell disaster if he becomes president.

In the mess of the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump has proven to be the ugly but fascinating frontrunner. Whether he can keep it up for another year remains to be seen, as his controversial views might make him seem too extreme and insane to be president. For now, Trump is trumping the competition, something he has done for decades, and he seems intent on doing so until he becomes president.

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